Urbanscapes 2009

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Last weekend, I had a real fun time hanging out with Charlotte and Peng. We were at the Urbanscapes almost the whole day. It was held in Sentul West, KL Pac. The weather on that day was extremely hot and humid. We were practically sweating our asses off but we ended up being under the hot sun the whole day. There are just too many stalls for us to visit. Most of the stalls caught my eyes with their stuff and there are some small performances as well. I was looking at the stuff cold ice as the are all unique and rare. It is very interesting to see a lot of people that was there and everyone went there with a unique and creative attire. They have great fashion sense and happening.

After visiting all the stalls, then only we are happy and satisfied to take off from there. I managed to get several clothes that I really do adore a lot.

All in all, it is really a great fashionable weekend for me. I will keep you guys updated prior to the event next time so you guys can join me crash the event together. =) hehe...

After that, we actually dropped by Peng's house because it is just around that area. I must say that his place is so cozy and I can sense a strong freshness. I love his house because it seems like those houses at the country side where theres like chicken running around, whole bunch of trees that bare fresh and sweet fruits all year round, bird chirping in the morning and stuff like that. It really does bring reminisce to me as I used to stay in this type of house 10 over years ago with my grandparents. We used to have a whole orchard farm at the back of our house. My god that was my playground. Hmmm.... really miss those days.

So, we ended my weekend with a big smile. Really looking forward to another session with Charlotte and Peng. I really had a wonderful time with you guys.



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8 Responses to Urbanscapes 2009

Hayley said...

hello Ming!
can feel that u r having a great time! love the photos with balloons! ;)
take care...

Kenji™ said...

if not mistaken, i think i saw u in curve daiso last weekend?

Domokun said...

Hey Ming,

happy birthday. Take care

Li Ying said...


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ming!!! You're drop dead gorgeous.

.:Leeming:. said...

heyley:hey darl,yea i'm having a blast there...thx for loving those photos...you take care too ya babe~

Kenji:haha yeap i was there=)

Domo:Ur back!!!haha thx alot ya.

Liying:Thx so much darl =)

Anonymous:*Blush* thx for ya compliment =)

Simon Seow said...

You left so early, weren't able to camwhore with you T_T

Gra.Feei.tude said...

ah ming ming darl
miz u so much!!
*bet u 4got me d hahaha*
didnt catch u up for decades :(
weh u guys going to Urbanscapes that day meh?
i went thr whole day oso didnt bump in to you guys.
no luck no luck haha
yierrr wen can we meet up?
u said u wanna c bb cheryl?

p/s: still the same pretty ming :D


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