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Acid Washed

Say hellooo to 80's once again!!!the latest trend for acid wash denim. The trend, which is available on a variety of garments and in a spectrum of colors, is timeless popular mix and match for elegance casual look and everyday use, make sure to have a few pair ready when you are about to hit the shopping town or out for lunch. Denim trends have a tendency to come and go quickly, so if you're going to spend the money, aim for a more sophisticated style with staying power.

P/S: Head down to Zouk this coming Saturday & Sunday for Chic Pop street market~I'll be selling some of my clothes =P


We All Chasing Dreams

"It happens to everyone as they grow up; you find out who you are and what you want, and then you realize that the people you’ve known forever don’t see things the way you do. And so you keep the memories but find yourself moving on.You don't need magic to disappear. All you need is a destination."

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Malacca Getaway

I miss Malacca so much~ I haven't been back to my hometown for almost 2 my bro and a few of our friends planned to visit Malacca for FOOD!!!Before this, I wish for a sunny day in Malacca, as it has been raining cats and dogs in Kuala Lumpur for a week.
As soon as we arrived we went home to visit our parents and grandparents...=)After that we are off for food hunting
with stomach acid corroding our stomach, we head to Melaka Baru for some chicken rice balls... and guess how many rice balls we ordered. 100 BALLS and 1 whole chicken!!! only cost us like RM40~ Feeling full and satisfied,we head to Malacca town for Cendol.And it's RM1 for a bowl of Cendol.MURAHNYA!!!
After a bowl of dessert we decided to have pork satay but sadly kedai satay dah tutup =( so we made our way to Nadeje Patisserie Cafe for their signature layered cakes.
If you google Mille crepe, either the name Nadeje would appear. Mille Crepe is a type of French cake, made from many layers of crepe, intermittently spread with fresh cream, or any of the other flavours available.

Finally, our most waited moment arrived. It's DINNER TIME!!!
We decided to have dinner at Umbai before we leave Melaka. There are a few places in Malacca that you can enjoy BBQ fish or‘ikan bakar’ such as the famous Umbai, Anjung Batu, Alai and Muara Sungai Duyong. The ikan bakar in Umbai was AWESOME!!!
All in all it was a successful road trip all the way to Malacca. We definitely had a great time =) ~

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Mixed Feelings

long boyfriend blazer,Baci - stripe top,Sevendays - mini pleated skirt,Sevendays - leggings,Malacca - multi layered necklace,Baci - studded ring,Baci - bag,AliceWoders - grey pumps,e@Curve. style changes all the time~I will never really stick to one look. I think every year I just grow differently and the way I dress. Recently I wear leggings alot i think it's really comfortable and it also goes well with anything =)



Welcome to the Realm of Online Shopping, an amusing and wonderful space devoted to all that is, and always will be, Alice Wonders where shopping is just a magical click away. With that, I'm more than happy to write the first official post for Alice Wonders.

As you all know, vintage has always been the style that struck me and amazed me all the time. Which leads me to Alice Wonders that offers an ocean range of vintage bags with various of unique designs ( Since then, I liase a lot with the people behind Alice Wonders to get to know more about everything that they have to offer, which eventually progress into choosing Me as their official Alice Wonders’s Ambassador. I'm absolutely excited for them to have me as their ambassador as this would be the sole intent of sharing and updating my fellow readers on great offers and new items which I will try my best to make you guys the early birds. =)

So, here is something to warm things up for now and more down the road. I would like to invite you guys to a magical party sales that cannot be missed. Details are as shown as below. Unbirthday Party Sales – Up to 70% discount!

You are cordially invited to Alice’s Happy Un-Birthday Party. If partying all night is fun, partying ONE WHOLE MONTH must then be MAD! So Alice is having the party last from 26th August to 30th September 2009.

And what is a party without shopping, and I mean buying handbags at 70% discounts for that matter. But I am told by the Mad Hatter that his moods are a little berserk, causing the bag prices to grow and shrink at random days (yes, a little like our modern day stock market).

This is Alice’s party schedule:

26th Aug – 29th Sep: OPEN SALES AT 50% OFF


Yes, you read right about the Secret Sales. Alice is making it close and personal, to make sure we get only the SERIOUS SHOPAHOLICS, no trespassers allowed! And to prove you can shop till you drop, all you need to do is send this invitation here to another 11 shopaholic friends to get the secret password! Remember to CC
Want something more? The person who sends the MOST email invitation will win a FREE bag of his/her own choice!

And here are some of the bags that will be on sale!

All in all, hope you guys enjoy it and I will continue providing amazing offers and magical invitation to you guys, like I said before, the sole intent of this is to share great offers to all my fellow readers.

Have a great RAYA and HAPPY HOLIDAY to ALL.



All that craziness

Well i barely got any sleep last night...I got up in the morning and off to work~OH YEAH!!! There's so many new stuff in usual both of us will reserve whatever we like in store before those customers grab them away....above are some behind the scenes pictures. After all that craziness I felt so tired I can barely stand it. Have you ever felt so tired that you feel hungover but you know that isn't possible because you didn't drink? That's me today.

p/s:I would like to wish all my muslim friends a very splendid Raya~

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