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The Olay Breakthrough Challenge

The Challenge had begun!!!

Well from what you can see me and one of my Oh-So-AWESOME blog reader Wennice are planning for our pool party. Preparing a big day needs days of planning because we have things to do on our daily routines also~ working, blogging, shooting, etc Oh Am Gee that’s a lot to do. Smart girl like us will always make a list of things to buy and do. On the 1st week, We would do some shopping and pick out a perfect party dress, on the 2nd week, deep clean, on the 3rd week, start buying ingredients and foods, on 4th week. start baking about 1/2 the stuff or halfway, on 5th week, buy some extra stuff that we needed and on the 6th for the day of the party I will do the remaining cooking, some quick tidying up. Phew!!! It reduces stress when I know that I can always order out if I fall behind. Even when you're organized, preparing for a big event can be nerve-wrecking. Oh yea! Obviously la got to look great on our big day =D

For those who have freckles and pigmentation sunscreen is a must for ya skin!

But it’s impossible to look great where you have so many things to do, plus we’re out most of the time for the party preparation and working at the same time. The worst thing is I have sensitive skin which sunburns easily. Being very fair, I always wear sunscreen, even on my face. I use to find that putting regular sunscreen on my face left it feeling oily, and would in the sun literally make my foundation run off my face! But Olay White radiance is amazing. These magic creams protect my face against both UVA and UVB sun rays. It has an SPF of 24 which is great for my fair skin. Compared to sunblocks, Olay White Radiance works at cellular level, by reducing the production of melanin, the substance that appears dark on skin – hence it works by protecting the skin from UV ray, as well as preventing spots from appearing on the skin upon exposure to sunlight. FYI Olay White Radiance addresses hydration, translucency and whitening, and helps women achieve CelLucent Fairness – bright luminous fairness, rooted deep within skin at the cellular level. * epidermal level only *results not equal

Besides putting on sunscreen, These are what I regularly practice every day and night to achieve a good complexion!

1st Cleanse with Olay purifying foaming cleanser

Remember to cleanse your face every morning and night =).

2nd Treat with Olay White Radiance Essence

3rd Moisturize with Olay celLucent white cream

What made me say yes to this product? I can see that my freckles have lessened and my skin seemed more supple. (FYI, I have nyonya and Russian blood in me, so I have freckles all over me, some fine lines due to my Oh-So-Dry skin, fair but sensitive skin and so I really need this kind of product) I tried applying the product to my face day and night. It feels a lil greasy upon application, but the skin absorbs it WELL, the greasy feeling disappears after a few minutes. It has a mild feminine scent, too, which I like. Now I have discovered that it is a perfect partner for my foundation because it makes it stay longer while making my face less dry because of its moisturizing effect. No one would actually know if the product really worked, in my opinion, unless other people mention a noticeable change in your look. Friends told me my face looked more supple and younger, which made me happy of course!

You girls should really try these products! Love the skin you’re in =).

Oh YEAH! Before I end this post I need to share the 1st part of our commercial... =) Enjoy~

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The Mountain by Terje Sorgjerd

This is an amazing video~ I just Can't help but to dedicate a post to this stunning video by Terje Sorgjerd. His work is breathtaking, so feast your eyes as I'll let the video do the talking.

Have a great weekend people! XOXO~

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Our Trip To Bangkok

This is what I found when I arrange my desktop. Pictures of our trip in Bangkok like months ago! I'm so gonna blog about this~ We'd deliberately planned our arrival on Saturday to catch the Chatuchak weekend market (or J.J by the locals). Where you can get everything from there, from apparels to home deco to food to plants to artsy crafty stuffs to pets (They are Oh-So-Adorable) to everything!

Me and the mister just love to walk around...we rather walk than taking a tut-tut =)

Look at the GAWJUZ city of Bangkok. I don't mind staying here for the rest of my life!

This stall have the best crispy pancake I have ever eaten..YUMMEH!!

This is what people does in Chatuchak - they eat, and then they shop till drop, then sit for chill out drinks, then shop again till dawn. I can walk for hours without feeling tired! I seriously won't get bored doing this every weekend =D

Mango Tango is one of my favorite dessert store in J.J market. As you know Thailand is famous for its mangos and they certainly like their mangos over here. Mango Tango offers a variety of mango desserts and is a franchise with chains all over the world.

The desserts here taste so good I totally forgot to take a pic of it =D

We went crazy for desserts =)~ Bangkokians are always looking for a sweet treat when out and about in the city and Ice Monster provides the sweet taste of milk and fruit in an ice indulgence. Although the desserts at Ice Monster are not completely guilt-free, they do seem a bit healthier if you stick with the teaser size. The large size seems rather large for an individual to eat, but it is suitable for sharing.

Me and the mister go all out! each of us had the large size, this is absolutely fantastic stuff by the way, crushed ice, a few table spoons of delight and a hint of magic...but I’m sure the sweet milk in the snow ice and sugary condensed milk in the topping helped make it even better.

Cookie & Cream, lychee Ice

The final night, we decided to explore the street food along our hotel road, the streets are pretty much flooded by tourists, I'm Loving the nightlife in Bangkok. You can go shopping at street market and buy lots of useless souvenirs but what I love about this area is the food. There’s tons of good street vendors that sell food I hardly ever see anywhere else in the city. (I especially love this particular vendor that sells beef salad) At night, the area is a great place to hunt for some delicious food.

After buying some chicken sticks, this dog follows me everywhere I go =D~ maybe he's craving for some chicken.

If you're here you definitely need to explore the night markets, bars, street food, and see the best of Bangkok. In three days, you’ll see the major and minor attractions, but you’ll have to live in Bangkok if you really want to get to know it.

We basically makan and shop the whole day~ I think I've gained a few pounds after this trip =D

I had so much fun with the mister. This is what I call it a perfect trip! =) Bye Bangkok~ We will be back real SOON!!!


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What the Hell Just Happened I’m Really Not Sure

I know i've been a bit quiet here on the blog front for the past week or so, but i'm spending some extra special time with my family and friends. Been going back to Malacca almost every weekends =). I'm pretty busy around these parts, but i will try to squeeze in some more posts when i can.

here's a little update on what we've been up to:

I've been doing quite a few of shoots lately...and recently I'm helping out one of my friend Suraya on her final year project. A stop motion based music video using Reza Salleh’s “What the Hell Just Happened I’m Really Not Sure” song. Yes that’s the title. This is my very 1st time acting in a stop motion video together with Masrin. Both of us was kinda nervous but we had lotsa fun during the shoot. I can't wait to see the final result, hopefully the entire production will be a success! All the best babe~

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The Challenge Has Officially Begun!

Remember the Olay Breakthrough Challenge I mentioned about HERE! Its all begun and I'm excited much~ Before we undergo the 6 weeks challenge, we had a a face consultation with the Oh-So- Friendly skin dermatologist from P&G, Aishah, who assessed our skin condition.

Well I'm very sure about my skin condition, and I think everyone who follows my blog knew I have very dull and dry I use make ups like almost everyday, and that's bad! Our face is one part of our body that takes a lot of heat from weather, temperature and cosmetic products. Flaking, dry skin that occurs on the face can be the result of a natural process or caused from a product that you are using. While there are many causes, finding a solution is the key in getting your complexion back to normal...and I guess I found a great solution for my skin to look luminous, radiant, and glowing once again!

I'll be updating the process here on my blog, can't hardly wait to see the results after 6 weeks! Now feast your eyes with some behind scene pictures.

Can't believe I have Zero make up on here!

CheckI Check! Check!

From Aishah's face expression you know how bad is my complexion LOL~

Now is Wennice turn!

FYI Wennice will undergo the 6 weeks challenge with me. There will be  3 other teams joining us too.  We're gonna prepare our challenge by doing things that we're good for. I'm not gonna reveal it right now, you'll find out real soon~

I guess Aishah said Wennice your complexion is so much better than Ming's complexion =D

Stay tuned this page, as I'll be updating my journey and experiences with Olay White Radiance for you my lovely readers. Our 1st episode of commercial  is out on TV! Check us out in all chinese Astro channels and TV3, NTV7, 8TV.

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