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couch potato

Top, Ralph Lauren - Lace polka-dot skirt, Baci - Pearl necklace, ThePopLook - Vintage watch, Rado - Pumps, Vincci.

Hello there love! Past few nights I had some couch time watching movies, It's been awhile~ I use to do that a lot with my god brother but he moved out. Missing those days...Vince and Viv guess we should do it more often =)
Hmm...back to work after a good 3 days rest~ i'm calling it my three day weekend since I happily took friday and saturday off. Yesterday I made a big yummy breakfast and had a lazy Sunday. it's been really nice and relaxing...time flies and tomorrow starts a new month~

I'm off to work!!!


Super cute panda bread recipe~

Look how cute is this!!! I wish to have bread like this every morning =)


*を全てHBへ! (牛乳+卵黄を混ぜ、レンジで人肌に温める。40~60秒/35~38℃)*ドライイーストを指定の場所に入れる。


こね修了後(1次発酵前)に生地を取り出す。(N社 HBではだいたいスタートから20分後)


各パーツ用に3つに分ける。【ココア:1/6 弱<約75g>、プレーン:2/6強<約210g>、抹茶:3/6<約285g>】            *< >は作成時の実測値。ご参考までに。


お湯で溶いたココアパウダーと、抹茶パウダー をそれぞれの生地に混ぜる


丸め、閉じ目を下にしてラップをし、硬く絞った濡れ布 巾をかけて一次発酵。(レンジの発酵機能で30~40分位)


軽くガス抜きをしラップ、濡れ布巾をし室温でベンチタ イム20~30分。その後更にガス抜きをする。



いよいよ組立て!!プレーン生地1/2 弱<90g>と、ココア生地2/6<27g>×2個をコロコロ転がして円柱型にし、プレーン生地に付ける。(目)



目(ココア)の間を残りのプレーン生地の1/4位で 埋める



残りのプレーンをめん棒で伸ばしでのり巻きのように 全体を巻く。 *下で閉じる。



残りのココア生地を半分にしそれぞれ長く伸ばして付け る。(耳)



抹茶生地1/4強位で耳の間を埋める。 いい湯だな♪



残りの抹茶生地をめん棒で伸ばし全体をのり巻きのよう に全体を巻く。 *下で閉じる。


生地を油脂を塗った型に入れ(型の中央に)ラップ、 濡れ布巾をし2次発酵。(型下1cm位まで)レンジ発酵なら50~60分。






p/s:I wonder who can translate this for me =(


Breakfast on 27.5.10

So i had a little late breakfast this a.m...and yeap I have to make my own breakfast every morning. How sad is that...but I enjoy doing it. Love shaped bread with tuna yummy~ What a great morning enjoying my breakfast and sipping coffee.
After that lovely breakfast I got to get back to figure drawing =). Been doodling alot lately and i love it...will definitely post up some of my art work soon~ hmm missing those school days...

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I Want All This Pretty Clothes!

photographer – henry moshizi
stylist – maiken winther
hair/makeup – lasse pedersen
model – iza olak
producer – thomas wadensten



Alot of people been asking me whether I'm still modeling...Yeap I'm still modeling but just not as active anymore =) I do photo shooting most of the time but not TV commercial. The reason why cause I'm still having my braces on. In the commercial industry no one wanna have a braces girl to be on TV...but if the client request for a braces girl then that's a different case.
I really miss doing commercial...My orthodontist always gave me false hope. WHEN IS GONNA BE OUT DOC? I think I can't bare with my braces any longer...if july it's still not out...I'm gonna tell the doctor I need it out now!!! =)


Sretsis Autumn/Winter 2010

Sretsis makes the sort of clothes that always end up reminding me of Zooey Deschanel and Alexa Chung. It also reminds me of my childhood style. They're usually frilled up and as girly as anything. I'll definitely go koo koo for their autumn/winter collection...all so pretty and I want it all~ I'm so eager to check out the Sretsis store in Bangkok.


Malaysian Dreamgirl Shoot That Haven't Been Realeased

Remember the garage shoot for ENVY magazine...after a year I finally got all these photos from yvonne facebook page...
This is one of the most exciting shoot ever during mdg...and I really enjoy doing it. =)


Miu Miu platform shoe

My oh my~ I'm falling hard for this Miu Miu platform shoe. It has this sort of 70s vibe thanks to the prints which ran throughout the rest of the collection too~


My very 1st Tattoo!!!

Haha gotcha!!! Dad I'm sure ya jaw just drop after reading that tittle haha~ Well I’ve always loved tattoos, ever since my dad got his 1st tattoo and most of my cousins have tattoos too.I wanted to get a lotus design so badly =). But my parents just wont allow me to do so...because modeling agencies try to dissuade their talents from body markings. For catalog and magazine work the customer often demands tattoos to be made invisible (by body make up, or post-shoot on the computer), and in the modeling industry, tattoos are still seen as ugly and unsightly serving only to take away attention from the clothes. Ok mom & dad you got a point there =).

I think tattoos can be amazing works of art. Unfortunately, many people like most of the time, get horrible ink-works just because they want to follow the herd, not because they are really aware of what permanent tattoos mean. In any case, tattoos are becoming more and more mainstream, and you can say it from the several tattooed models who walk the runway.nowadays, designers have also jumped the bandwagon, decorating the bodies of their models with temporary tattoos or body paint.

Chanel spring/summer 2010 collection was all about rolls in the hay, country life and seduction themes. Karl Lagerfeld decided to add a touch of exoticism to some of his models with some wonderful temporary tattoos on their legs, neck and cleavage.

The boss gone obsess about Chanel...see what she did!!! This is not temporary tattoo it's real!

Chains and pearls have always been among the most famous symbols of Chanel

temporary tattoos with the bird and strands of pearls draped around model’s collarbones and legs, it’s appeared on so many other items this season!

So planning to get one now?


Preparing for battle

The hottest American designer of the year, Marc Jacobs started the army jacket trend for spring. Love the color camo green and khaki. I think the army jacket has been updated in a very feminine and chic way.Pail and nude colors will look great with your green army jacket. If you want you can even take it the the next level with a big belt and boots.

Army jacket, Zara Men - Grey ruffles dress, Sevendays - Belt, Baci - Headband, Baci - Multi ring necklace, Baci - Sheer lenggings, Miss Selfridge - Pumps, Vincci.

All pictures taken with the Olympus Pen E-PL 1

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