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My very 1st time!

Believe it or not this is the first time I’ve set foot in a karaoke lounge.Ok...ok...I know I'm a lil Jakun~ I've been to jamming studios alot during my secondary years but not karaoke lounge.When we arrived in Neway Cheras...the mister and his colleagues did not waste any time in firing up the karaoke box. Music was cranked up really high and microphones were passed around~ I sat back for a while, contented to enjoy with his colleagues...and the fact that I can’t read certain chinese characters nor did I know the words to the songs by heart. I chimed in the chorus from time to time for the songs that I did recognize. Well I also managed to croak a couple of english songs that had slipped into the queue. It was interesting to listen and watch some of them singing. A few of them were actually very good thou.

we sang our heart out~

the buffet doesn't really WoW me thou...

there were some who remained quiet throughout the session. Perhaps they were shy...but not
Kok foo he's a good singer =).

After two hours of singing and laughing, we finally decided to call it a day.

I recommend the place if you’re just out for a good time and want to sing somewhere else other than the shower, but if you’re looking for good food and service, you’ll be sadly disappointed. However, do bring some good company that you’re comfortable with, as it will increase the fun factor. Think you’re good enough to be One In a Million or Project Superstar ( I don't know whether these programmes is still running)? Get a room and find out =D.

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Side Tattss

I'm very much in love with dad have tattoos, almost all the cousins have tattoos, the boyfriend have tattoos and the sister is into piercing but nothing too bizarre. I want to have a side tatt too!!! Well my dad doesn't really encourage thou...hmm i guess I'll just have it in my dream then =(~

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Malacca Again!

Blue Trench Coat, Seed - Top, ThePopLook - Black Tights, Tea & Sympathy - Pumps, Vincci.

I'm on my way back to Malacca AGAIN!!! Today is more like Saturday to us cause me and the mister having holidays woohoo~ Oh yeah I honestly think I need a new hairstyle but definitely not cutting it short...hmm...guess I need more curls~ I want my sexy curly long hair back!!!

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2 Days

I wish that I had
never met you
then there will be no need to impress you.
No need to want you. No need for loving you.
No need for crying over you. No need for heart break.
No need for pain or tears.
No need for forgotten promises.
No need for rejected hugs.
No need for crying myself to sleep.
No need for acting like you care.
No need, for everything you've done to
make me feel like absolutely nothing.
But then again, I'm glad i did meet you. Cause
you were the one who always asked me if anything was wrong.
You were the one who loved me for me.
The one who cared when everyone else didn't.
The one who listened.
The one who stayed up late just to talk about the
randomest shit ever. You were the one i told secrets to.
The one who taught me new things.
The one who laughed at my bad jokes.
The one who did things, just for ME.

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Dare To Bare? Cause This Fall You're Gonna Be Sexier Than Ever!

Well besides looking good on the outside. I always make sure that I look good on the inside as well. Is like a must for me to look good in and out =P. Everyone knows that lingerie is essential. The last thing you need during a night out and about in the city is uniboob to destroy your gorgeous outfit. But worry NO MORE!!! La Senza Fall 2010 collection of sexy lingerie will help you in no time!

Ah, the push-up bra. What would a women do without one or two or ten? There are those days when you want cleavage enhancement, and those nights when you want to show it off. For those times, there's no substitute. La Senza understands that and so they created a drawer full of La Senza push-up bra choices. But my favorite is still the Double Push-Up bra. I swear these bra are like a miracle bra. It will boost your cup size at least two sizes and make your boobies appear LARGER. OH!!! Definitely will help you get a man...LOL...ok that's a lil too exaggerating~ but you'll never know cause guys are suckers for busty girls PUSH UP all the way man!!! These Double Push-Up bra is Oh-So-Comfortable and it also comes in a array of seven colors. Can be worn with anything due to the smooth seamless cups and twinned adjustable straps that can be worn classic, crossed or halter. Slip it on a special night out and the party will get out of control!

You girls must be wondering right now huh~ I'll show you the effect of this miracle Double Push-Up bra =D. But 1st let me choose my favorite designs =P...

You girls should totally try it!!!

Look how thick is the sponge padding =D

Vivien choosing her favorite piece too~

Leopard prints is the in thing right now!!!

I'll put on the one without any padding so you're able to see the differences between the normal and the Double Push-Up bra.


SEE it's all about wearing the right bra~ Amazing huh!!!

Good News!!! There's even more great deals for Double Push-Up bra till the 9th of October. Purchase one Double Push-Up bra for RM139 and get the 2nd one for 50%. RM203 FOR TWO PUSH-UP BRAS THIS IS LOVE!!!

Find out this promotion at Click 'Like' on La Senza Facebook and find out more about the future special promotion and the latest news about La Senza. You can also view some of the pretty designs on La Senza Facebook too~

If you prefer your underwear to be less complex, you can always go back basics with La Senza Cotton Collection. According to Jeslyn and Mei Ling girls in Malaysia love to have the matching bras and panties. That is why the cotton collection is flexible yet fun. Now you can mix and match your lingerie~ how FUN is that! This collection of bras and panties will give you the ultimate comfort with no lacey and button details. The soft cotton style is perfect for everyday, it will makes you feel
you're lying on the clouds.

These are the Cotton Collection

My oh my look at all the cute designs...I want it all!!!

Besides that, there's even more amazing collection like La Senza Perfectly Me Collection in high voltage color of Aquamarine, Beyond Purple, Storm, Garnet Strip, Cerulean, Red Orange, Tango Red, Black, Rose Tan and white. It features a collection of well put-together priced essentials, you can purchase the Deep-Plunge Push Up bra, Lace Push-Up bras and Lightly-Lined bras all at price tag of RM89 or 2 for RM149. I totally fell in love with the details of these collection. All so lacey and wild animal prints are everywhere. It will make you extra sexy! Whether you prefer romance or to be "the famme
fatale" La Senza has the style you desire. Be sure to stock up on La Senza's fantastic Fall Collections to suit your look.

Sexy lacey details is a must this season!!!

If you love lacey stuff there's even more lacey night feast you eyes with all these sexy kinky night wear.
After looking at all these pretty lingerie I can hear them calling me 'Ming please take us home with you' =D. I just can't leave the store empty handed and guess what as a token of appreciation La Senza gave us RM300 vouchers each to shop =D.

Thanks alot La Senza =)

These are my favorite piece!

Girls will be girls~ cam whore time!

p/s: I bet some of you girls are lazy to try on those lingerie. Don't worry!!! You can do your bra fitting online.Let me show you how=)

Log on to La Senza website and click on 'find your perfect fit'

Then you'll come to this on 'bra'

Now read the instructions and fill ya measurement =).Then you'll find out what size you're wearing =). It's just as easy as 1...2...3!

Fall is sexier than ever in La Senza =).

I'm almost Pin-Up ready!

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