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Well sometimes it's super easy for me to write blog posts when I either have something interesting or equally unimportant to share, other times I can sit here for half an hour struggling to find words, any words, to fill out a post. Today is one of those days. Arhhh~ Maybe it was because I've got all these workload and stress distracting me. That's the only thing I can think of WORK! Guess my stress levels likely rise with these distractions~

I'm going off to work again! xoxo~

What I wore:
Totally forgot about these pictures, Took these picture sometimes ago. I wore this to a pretty chill day out for TCE's LookBook shoot. Let's start from the top. I'm loving the scallop details alot. I thought it's feminine and cute at the same time.This gorgeous imported top with scallop details is a definite must have! Sweet and demure piece that speaks for itself!

Now the midi pleat skirt. Pleat skirt is my favorite too.
pleated skirt, was a staple on the Spring 2011 runways, where designers played with lengths, patterns, and styles. Pleating was used primarily for mid length, and spring dresses. Chiffon was the definite fabric of choice, which created an airy, ethereal effect~

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Home Sweet Home

I'm BACK! Hello Malaysia! Just finished unpacking my stuff~


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Off To Work

OMG It's going to be a busy day today...In fact It's gonna be a busy week here in TCE's office. I have 2 meetings today then I'm flying off to one of my favorite country for work purpose. Gosh I haven't start packing! I'll be back real soon~ No worries I'll definitely keep you guys update!

I'm off to work*
Happy Thursday and have a great day people~

What I Wore:
I love it, I do. It's shiny and spectacular, yet classic and versatile. This long tweed jacket is so chic, it features metallic-infused tweed and a classic checked. This is the culmination of just about every trend.

Long Tweed Jacket, (It's gonna be up real soon) - Lil Daisy Dress, - Lil Black Daisy Necklace, - Pumps, Aldo.

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Addicted To a New Game

This is what I've created so far =)~

I think I'm addicted to a new game! Although it's not a traditional board game like Monopoly or Cluedo...let's not go to computer games cause I totally suck at computer games. It's a website called Polyvore~ The mister's sis introduced me to the website and now I have spent more than my share of hours uploading and creating collections. This is one great website to kill time =).

It's true that Polyvore
is the best place to discover or start fashion trends. I know it's impossible to get all that expensive sets of items that I've created...well guess I can only dream to have that much choices in my closet.

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Best Friends Are Forever

Me and my BFF Jaime got featured on Tongue In Chic =)

Me : Ruch Front Panel Dress, Topshop Dress Up - Pearl Headband, Pressie From Dad - Rose Earrings, Jonker Street - Vintage Watch, Rado - Bag, Louis Vuitton.

Jaime : Floral Maxi Chiffon Dress, - Clutch, Tory Burch - Strappy Heels, HK

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I Wish Everyday Was Sunday

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If there's anything better than getting out of the house, going somewhere nice for lunch and all doll up wearing heels during the day, it's doing all this with your boyfriend with you for once. Sunday is the only day for us to hang out together. But sometimes the mister is busy on Sunday too~ Luckily he had a meeting in KL city the same day as I did so we ventured down together, where we treated ourselves to a delicious lunch at La Bodega, Pavilion in the afternoon before coming home to a large pile of work waiting for us both.

What I Wore:
Turbans are definitely in this season! Would you dare to wear one? Well I know I'd definitely will! You gotta love this head piece. Now, I see the turban trend is trickling over celebdom. This is an item I find edgy because it is unique. Whether a turban band or full-on head piece, this is a must spring and summer item to set the look apart from the crowd~

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Maxi Dress, Baci - Turban, - Necklace, MNG - Faux Ostrich Clutch, - Wedges, Vincci.

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Found Myself In Wonderland

Good Night World!!!

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Another one week of hell!

This is PATHETIC! For the past four days, life here hasn't exactly been pleasant. I'm not going to lie it's been a complete NIGHTMARE. I wasn't sure if I was going to share this on my blog as it's kinda unbelievable. but I figured "why not?" not everything in life is all sunshine and smiles and in my recent case, there were certainly a lot of frowns and unhappy matters. on Monday the mister's mom got an accident...Well it's not a serious case but the car got to send over to the workshop. Now the problem is how his mom gonna get to work the next morning?

I let the mister borrow my car, so his mom could actually use his car to work. Yeap! I don't have an extra car to move around right now. It sux but I have to bare for a week till the car is done. But how unlucky am I. My car got an accident yesterday. That means I got to bare for 2 freaking weeks! 1 week 2 accidents...Are you kidding me?! I really wanted to cry~

I just don't understand why can't everyone drive safely? I don't understand why people can't stay awake while driving. PULL OVER if you get too tired on road! I don't understand how some people being so selfish and don't give a **** about anyone else and drive however they want to. ARhHHhh~ This is driving me crazy!

Another seven days of hell! This is no fun at all~

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Fear Less, Hope More!

I can honestly admit that I am not always the most positive people. I am one of those people who has a tendency to be completely owned by their emotions and can go from ecstatic to miserable. I also find myself getting stressed and overwhelmed a lot, especially at the moment with the stress of WORK!

And now to my point. I am going to make a conscious effort every day to hang out with my friends after work~ Catch a movie, doodle some ideas, do some cleaning in the house. I definitely want to bring more perspective and more positivity into my life and I hope this helps. As the mister constantly tells me, Everything will be okay.
And I'm going to start believing him.

What I Wore:
I totally love the cut-out shoulder trend. It's very elegant grunge look~ The shoulders tend to get over looked but they are SEXY, plus its a conservative way to show some skin that has a big impact. What I think its just enough skin showing to still have that sexy and chic look.

The easiest way to incorporate this style into your everyday is with tops. Look for tops like this from

Cut Out Shoulder Shirt, - Shorts, Miss Cindy - Leggings, Daiso - Pumps, Aldo - Necklace, Diva.

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A Quick Post

So this is going to be a super quick post. I'm running late for a meeting and I need to send some parcel out today~ In today's sunshine, this outfit was perfect, if not too warm. In the shade and between tall buildings where the wind rushes was frigid. I really need to go right now! Happy Wednesday People~

Oh yea! Do check out our new arrivals are all up! =)

Army Green Jacket, Modestarr - Graphic Tee, - Shorts, Miss Cindy - Socks, Daiso - Studded Boots, Sevendays.

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Topshop Dress Up

Did you had fun at the Topshop Dress Up Preview Party Launch? I sure did! Here's a few pictures from the event last Wednesday =)

I brought my evil twins Jaime to the event. The sis and the mister's sis can't make it =(

One of the pretty dress from Topshop Dress Up collection

and here are some of the Topshop Dress Up Collection

I'm loving the Electric blue Lace Panel Bodycon dress. If only I could fit in this beautiful dress. Now I need a major work out!

Jessica checking the sound system.

Fatin made it to the event!

Jaime is wearing Maxi Floral Dress

Group shot with the Topshop team

Cynthia and me

Group shot with the other 4 fashion bloggers Topshop picked to represent their party~

Cynthia is wearing Black Bandeau Flower Dress
Tey Cindy is wearing Dark Red Feather Hem Dress
Joyce is wearing Pink Satin Bow Dress
I'm wearng Nude Beaded Ruch Front Panel Dress
Andrea is wearing Black Rose Ruffle Zip Bandeau Dress

We're all wearing dresses from the new collection. I was hoping to find the Nude Lace Bow Belted Dress...but sadly they're not in store yet! But I'm quite happy with the Nude Beaded Ruch Front Panel Dress =)~

Fatin Showing off the Black Bandage Dress

Cam whoring time with the bestie~ Surprising we didn't shop that day =). I guess we bought too many stuff during Topshop Sales. We shop till the bank run dry =D.

I had so much fun meeting with a few of my blog readers at the event. Once again thank you Topshop for this wonderful opportunity~

For more pictures view HERE

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