Finally a Shopping Day Out!!!

I can't believe It's already May. Is It just me or is this year just flying by? Anyway my weekend was beautiful and so much fun. I spend most of my time working and shopping with my friend Jaime. You guys will be seeing her a lot on my blog now. I know this girl since we were 13 years old. Jaime is one of my high school best friend / enemy. We quarrel so much but at the end of the day we're still best friend =). She's the kind of friend that you've known for so long that you can sit quietly in a room together without speaking a word or entertain each other, or the kind of friend that no matter where you are you always have the craziest and funniest time together. Yeap, That's my friend Jaime =).

Do we look alike? Our teachers in school always got mixed up between both of us =)~ I remember our history teacher were like ' Ini mak sama ke bapak sama?' -____________- LOL~

We both share the same interest - Shopping! Oh yea by the way Topshop is having SALES right girls can start shopping for ya favorite item in Topshop.

The mister did some shopping too =)

After shopping we decided to grab some desserts

Finally I tried something different this time Japanese Macha Soya Ice. YUM~

Well I definitely didn't forget about the little sister. We went out yesterday to grab brunch and do a lil shopping too~ Oh yea and dessert again =) I certainly have a sweet tooth, In fact I think I eat too much sugar sometimes! I love desserts~ If you're a big fan of bubble tea don't miss this then.

I seriously don't know what's with bubble tea recently. The trend came back! You can see bubble tea store everywhere. But I guess the craze over Taiwan bubble tea has been apparent, with the arrival of 'Chatime' in Sunway Pyramid.
We waited nearly half an away for our drinks...The queue was crazy! The cashier told us that they have to serve over a thousand customer each day~

While waiting for my drink. iphone is the complete time killing accessory. I'm serious! I can't imagine what's life without my iphone =)

I just cant live without iphone =)...I think it's time to upgrade my iphone to iphone 4~ What do you think?

Celcom has come up with many smartphone packages that cater to various lifestyles and needs. Whether you are a workaholic, gadget freak, realist or tech whiz, Celcom has different smartphone platforms with the perfect smartphone package for you to enjoy~

Here are some of the interesting packages =)

• Android :

For the gadget freak. The gizmo geek in you who enjoys the open platform with the ability to control their smartphone to their liking~

- Samsung Galaxy SL (from 468)
- Samsung Galaxy Tab (from RM668)
- LG Optimus 2X (from RM978)
- LG Optimus One (from RM48)
- LG Optimus Me (from RM0)
- Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 (from RM0)

• BlackBerry :

For the workaholic. This is perfect for you on-the-go whose mind is always about business and work, but not neglecting social life.

- BlackBerry Bold 9780 (from RM888)
- BlackBerry Torch 9800 (from RM1,188)
- BlackBerry Curve 9300 (from RM488)

• Windows Phone 7 :

For the tech whiz. Those who appreciates the Windows platform on the mobile with the best of everything.

- LG Optimus 7 (from RM1,068)

• Symbian :

For the realist. That's you who puts simplicity and practicality first with the efficiency of getting something done easily!

- Nokia E7 (from RM958)
- Nokia C7 (from 468)
- Nokia C3 (from RM18)
- Nokia C2-01 (from RM0)

And finally,

• iPhone 4 :


Gosh this making me really excited to find more about it!!! For more information visit Celcom iphone 4 packages will soon be revealed on the website. Stay tuned to be the first to know!

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6 Responses to Finally a Shopping Day Out!!!

Rachel Scarlet said...

love love love! I got awesome stuff from TS too coz of the sale!

.:Leeming:. said...

Haha yea everything like half price WeEee...I've yet to shop~ plan to shop on the 11th of May hehe...I guess the boyfriend shop more than me =)

Trisha said...

Were you at Sunway pyramid ytday night? I saw you drinking chatime :) love your blue blazer..

.:Leeming:. said...

hehe yea babe =) Thanks for the compliment =)~

Rachel Scarlet said...

Yes yes! OMG. I tell you, I got this super awesome blazer for rm129 from TS. The price was RM413. Last one and in my size! So awesome! XD

.:Leeming:. said...

Huh so cheap? Now you make me jealous haha~

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