GOOG NEWS! The Celcom iPhone 4 plan is finally out! Read all about it!

It's available in white! I was too excited about Malaysia iPad 2 and now this great deals from Celcom. Nice!

What is so great about the Celcom iPhone 4 plan?

Well you can choose from unlimited talk time, free SMS & MMS, and data of up to 6GB. On top of that you get an extended warranty and insurance coverage for your device from Celcom.
The INTERESTING addition to this warranty is that Celcom is offering a a free 12-months insurance coverage for your device. The insurance covers theft, accidental breakage and fluid damage. This insurance coverage is offered on to the Celcom Exec i248 plan on either 12 and 24 months contract.

Apparently, Celcom is the 1st Telco to offer FREE INSURANCE coverage for its iPhone customers! Interesting~ Now You can talk and surf away, or even go clubbing with ya precious iPhone 4 with absolutely peace of mind!

Here's the overview of the packages available:

In any case for more details on the Celcom iPhone 4 plans, head on over to Celcom’s website. =)

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