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Has anyone got anything fun lined up for this weekend?



top,FOS - Short Trench Coat,P&CO - pants,MNG - mary jane pumps,Aldo

AhHh~ trenches.My favourite,whether short or long.If you already have a long trench coat hanging in your closet, it’s time to find a short one.The trench coat defies age and era, looking as fabulous today as it did when Audrey Hepburn wore one in Breakfast At Tiffany's.Trench coat is one of the pieces that is both classic and a must have fashion item.These days trenches come in many styles and colours.The basic style of the trench coat is classic,so don't deviate too much.


1 GREAT Photoshoot!!!

Sandy's treasure hehe~Shelly:Aiyooo!!!your hair just couldn't stay still
Ivan:She got alot of baby hair~
Ming:I knoe my hair very stubborn -_-
Shelly:but is a good thing,cause ya hair is still growing.
Ming:Really!!! =)
Shelly:but for this photoshoot we really need to use superglue to stick ya hair on ya skin.
Ming:-_-hmmm~ur so not gonna do that right...
Shelly:hahaha nah just jk~
*Ivan & Shelly thanks for everything i knoe it's a hard day for both of you =)*
create animated gifSNAP!Snap!snap!work!Work!WORK!i look half dead after a long day of photoshoot This is the worst part of the photoshoot the hair stylist try to fake it out the whole straightening process so they have to use gel and hair treatment on my hair ewwww~trust me it's really disgusting but i still have to put a smile on my face hahaha~one of my picture on the studio wall hehe bangganya~

It's been awhile since i last worked with this superb photographer Weng Kong.I really enjoy working with him and he takes great pictures =).Woke up early in the morning,dressed up with no make-up on my face and hit straight to the studio.Typical Ming i'm always punctual especially when it comes to work.Well i got there early so while waiting for the client i sat down at the lounge took out my planner then start doodling.After 40min client finally here...Weng kong introduced them to me.

Ming:hi i'm Ming nice to meet you~
Client:WOW!!!You look diffirent from the profile u've showed us.

WK:Yea i know when i 1st met her she's really quiet always look so lost hahaha~but when she's on set she's like a diffrent girl.
Ming:*whispering in my heart*i bet the client was in a shock when they saw my naked face,I'm pretty sure as well that they went like did i booked the right model....?LOL~

All in all i had fun working with everyone there.1 great experience!!!


My Shopping Partner In Crime...

Is BACK for good wEeeEe~It's been 3 months since i last saw you babe until yesterday we finally meet up again.What a coincident! We wore almost the same style LOL.Everyone is getting in on this trend!Oh well she's more to the street style look and i'm more to the vintage look.Both of us had an awesome time yesterday catching up with each other and we still got alot of catching up to do.I still remember the 1st thing that came out from her mouth is "MING YOU'RE SO THIN & YOU'VE GROWN UP" -_-||| hahaha~Can't wait to meet her again for our next outing =P.

style info: Denim is a must have in your closet and a jean jacket is one of the garments you should have.
A jacket can add flavor to any outfit and a denim jacket has an edgy style that can go casual to formal.


Monster VS Aliens

~I really love her outfit best for gymnastic costume hehe~

Friday was the most hilarious day ever and should be declared as Funnyday instead of Friday.

Almost every Friday,I will have a midnight movie session together with the guys and their soul mates as well.Normally the boys would be the one that plan the outing but guess what, this week is the girls turn to plan one.

We happily bought 8 tickets of "Monster vs Alien" midnight show.Notice that I did not mention what time the movie is.This is because we did not know what time is the movie showing, up until one of them randomly said is 1230 an everyone went,"are you sure?".One of them answered,"yeah~ yeah~1230".So, we took our own sweetest time to get ready,we had fun chilling and chit chatting in frames.

We reached the theater exactly 1235 and was thinking that theres nothing to worry about because there are always trailers in the beginning.We stood in front of the entrance waiting for our cineplex number to be lighted up.After 5 minutes,everyone was stoned and was confused.Why in the name of god they would not let us enter the cineplex when is like 10 minutes passed the showing time. One of us ask for the ticket and noticed that it was 1140 and we were one hour late. @_@ "

That was the most embarrassing moment ever.On top of that,we actually bought pop corns and all to enjoy the movie.All in all,in the end we decided to just watch the movie.As we were about to be seated, everyone was looking at us with a look that was wondering why do we even bother to watch the movie.I must say that, all of us really have a real thick face to walk in the cineplex with our head held high.Hahaha....

Overall,I consider this as a whole new experience lol.This is the shortest movie I ever watched in the cinema.You can actually tell by feeling our seats.They were not even warm at all,that shows how short we were in the cineplex.LOL~


Sailor Inspired Look

create animated gif

You gals ready to sail with me =)?I guess this outfit look familiar to most of you gals...Yeap it featured on MDG blog here's the link.Hmmm~some of you may think it's interesting but some may think it's rubbish haha.Well I have a few sailor mix & match outfit i had in mind will definitely share with you gals soooOoon~Remember!!!remember!!! always DIY to update ya wardrobe.



myspace image at Gickr

I ain't look like Domo-kun ok...I'm way cuter~hahaha *perasan betul Ming ni*This character reminds me of Walter HiIiIIii's table.Yeah~during the competition most of the time we'll hang around in Capxion so while waiting for Kat to send us home i'll always play with Walter's Domo-kun...After i got eliminated from MDG one of my friend told me that i look like this character Domokun...I'm like huh are u serious? *tengok lah hari hari main dengan Domo-kun muka pun jadi cam Domo-kun dah.*LOL~

p/s:Fashion post will be up next =)


Sasha Pivovarova : Camilla Akrans

Photographer : Camilla Akrans

I wish i had photos like this!!!Sasha Pivovarova looks like Poison-ivy here~Well Pivovarova is one of my favourite model...
She is an exquisite,straightforward beauty who perfectly suits the general trend towards more sophisticated,womanly clothes.She’s also got a terrific personality,loves her job and has the sort of character that can really make a shoot.She truly is a versatile model.What i admire the most is she have this chameleon-like quality that lets them morph more easily with make-up and lighting.Designers going crazy for her chameleon look.OH YEAH!!!Do you know Sasha Pivovarova is also an artist.In her free time she love to paint and draw.Her current home in Brooklyn,New York doubles as an art studio.Pivovarova is currently collaborating with Miuccia Prada to produce a book of her own artwork in the upcoming year.


Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 : Behind The Scene

You watched the finale but you have no idea what's happening behind...It's totally a big mess hahaha~the enthusiasm and thrill of a backstage setting.The animation and liveliness that the clothes paired with the makeup and hair-do...*Look at our crazy hair-do it tooks 1 hour for me to wash my hair*.The time and effort that goes into the final really is staggering.It was such a pleasure to work with our lovely stylist Desmond Chok,gorgeous runway coreographer Miss Jay and Shaun Cutler Team Nelson and Enzo.
Loving you guys~

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