Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 : Behind The Scene

You watched the finale but you have no idea what's happening behind...It's totally a big mess hahaha~the enthusiasm and thrill of a backstage setting.The animation and liveliness that the clothes paired with the makeup and hair-do...*Look at our crazy hair-do it tooks 1 hour for me to wash my hair*.The time and effort that goes into the final really is staggering.It was such a pleasure to work with our lovely stylist Desmond Chok,gorgeous runway coreographer Miss Jay and Shaun Cutler Team Nelson and Enzo.
Loving you guys~

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16 Responses to Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 : Behind The Scene

Cindy Khor said...

it seems that there is so much fun. and you look really pretty in those pictures. said...

i miss you!!!

.:Leeming:. said...

*i dunno where's allo the comments for post "back to normal".

ija:thx alot babe ur gawjuz too =)

aaron braces boi=):haha yalo damn hot i love the piccies you took on finale and thx for suppoting =)

cindy:thx alot cindy...i'll def work hard to be in the industry =)

caelynne darl:thx alot darl...thx for suppoting ming ya huggies~

danielctw:Yeap an awesome experience...i definitely learnt alot through out the whole competition =)

Jenna:Thx alot =)~I'm using Canon400D its just normal lense.

Heyley:Hunting for agencies time!!!will definitely blog more often to keep u guys update =)

.:Leeming:. said...

cindy:haha it's quite fun rushing here and there.

cha cha darl i miss u tooo beep me if ur free ok we go yum cha~

yoyowussup said...

some of them even dont look good in behind the scene pictures

good luck in your career

Domokun said...

Hello Ming!!

Love U!!!

just walt said...

hope all things go well with you ming. all da best! ;)

AaronWoolala said...

Maybe you accidentally turned off comments for the post. hahaha.
Looks like a lot of fun in the backstage. I was wondering, what will happen if just 1 dress go missing? Got spare? :D

.:Leeming:. said...

Fizzardo:thx~~Well everyone look unique in their own ways =)

I love Domokun too hehe~

Walter hiiii~how r u la~dunno tht u blogs too huh...haha thx for everything ya...i'll see you tomoro in capxion =P

Aaron braces guy:haha alot of fun!!!if 1 dress go missing?hmmm~then 1 of us hav to go naked on the runway LOL~i knoe u guys been waiting for that hehe~

hanida lavida said...

hai Ming.
I followed Mdg2 and you know what..
i was "kutuk" you before. woots!
Im apologise and admit it was my fault.
But now, Im starting to admire you! ;)
I really like the way you dress up yourself.
And hoping that you can share some tips with me.
Go Ming!

psst: U got voice girl!
I really LOVEEEE your style Ming. Its like whoaaaa!!!!

Anonymous said...

stumbled on ur blog in the web and i must say it is WOW !

i think you are really pretty.
how do you keep ur face so flawless ?

care for some tips?

=D post up more !


Domokun said...


I am your biggest fan!!! You've got no idea how much i love u!!!

Anyways, too tired. Going to bed now. :)


AaronWoolala said...

Go naked on the runway LOL~ Eh, no that's not what I had in mind.
Thanks for answering anyway. :P

abszynth said...

me me? no pleasure workin with me? eheh. im kidding. By the way I have to tell you how much I lure your face and pictures! And you have such an awesome personality. U were one of my favs babes. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Inside n out.

Mirthe said...

That looks great:) What kind of competition are you in? It sounds interesting. It looks a bit like America's Next Top Model :). I don't think I'll be able to vote since I'm not living in Malaysia.
Good luck!

just walt said...

no i don't have a blog. that account was created to explore how to use blogspot and the potential to customize the layout and all last time hahaha. :P

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