Ming's BACK!!!

Hi all,First and foremost, I would like to thank each and everyone of you that have been with me through out the whole competition and actually supported me all the way. The warmest hug I would like to give is to all the crews and all my friends in the competition that are like family to me and been taking care of me through out. Last but no least, thank you so very much to my parents, friends and family that was standing right behind me to support me, advise me to be tactful and be strong throughout without dodging any obstacles but instead facing every single one of them with all my might. Thank you Dad for all that.

I was really surprise with the number of friends and fans that actually supported me all this while. You know what guys, I will never give up. Thank you for all the support again, I will try my best and my very best to show the utmost self of me and will never ever ever and I mean ever make you guys disappointed.

Like what I mentioned on MDG’s video, this is not the end of my path, this is just the beginning. You will definitely see what I have got to offer to this industry, and that’s for sure.Again and again, I would like to thank all of you. You guys take care. I will see you guys on the 15th of May, I will be there and would like to catch up with you guys.

P/S: For those who have been visiting my blog, I will never stop blogging instead I will blog more about fashion tips and all. I would love if you guys have any ideas and any of fashion expression that you would like to let it out, do drop me a note.
And yeah, before I actually forget about the doubts that you guys have between me and the girls esp (Pinky), we are all good and we are the best of friends ever. Babes, I cant wait to hang out with you guys after the whole thing. Will see you guys soon, alright~!! All the best, and the best of luck. Muawwhh.

Hugs and Kisses (XoXoXOXO)

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28 Responses to Ming's BACK!!!

Jau Sang 012-208 2222 said...

I cried for Ming when she was eliminated.

I was so sure she would be in the finals at the Curve i even booked a hotel room at Boulevared Midvalley KL to be there!

Dun worry Ming.. you are the greatest, the prettiest among all.. everyone can see that..

jau sang 012-208 2222

emperor said...

ming! so sad u were out!
anyway.. who do you think deserves to be the next MDG? only one name allowed!! hehehe

Michelle . WeyChin said...

All the best Ming!
See u at the finale!

Hope I get to talk to u in person! =)

Hui Wen said...

so sad tht cant c u in the final...
but dont worry u r still the best...^^

Danielle said...

Hi Ming. Really glad to hear from you again.
Miss you so much. Hope you are in the Top 3 instead of Juanita.
Looking forward to more blogging about yourself and fashion.
All the best Ming!
And see you in the Finale.

kimberley said...

hey ming! it's good to hear from you once again. my eyes actually teared when you were eliminated. i never imagined myself being so attached with the show but i was really hoping that you could actually win this title. anyway, am glad that you mentioned that this is only the beginning. meaning to say, not winning is not going to stop you either. i am currently not in malaysia thus not having the chance to see you in person during the finale. please take care and all the best to you. and also, i hope things will be okay with foong dar. =)

Satkuru said...

ola :P

saw you at watson, i mean saw your poster at watson, lol.

btw, i wondered why it's been said you are quiet and you don't say much. cause i thought you talked a lot :P

nevertheless, take care and i am pretty sure you gonna see lots of supporters this coming friday ;)

suraya said...

was so sad when u got eliminated:( but i know u are going to excel in the industry without winning the MDG title. all the best to u!

p/s: may i know where did u get the dress in ur graduation entry (Wednesday, January 21, 2009)

hehe thx :)

Rachel Scarlet said...

Hey Ming! So sad that you had to leave. Was rooting for you that you'd be in the top 3! Didnt miss watching any of those episodes..you did a great job btw and your photos are really awesome.Keep it up! God bless :)


ah beng said...

Ming ming, u still are the best:)

.:Leeming:. said...

Jau siang:thx Jau Siang appreciate much.i knoe u've been supporting me all this while appreciate much =)

emperor:don't be sad...u'll def c me more in the future =)haha who deserves to be the next MDG?hehe~ we will see on the 15 of May.

mich:hi Mich i knoe u've been supporting me through out competition=) thx so much~don't be sad...I'm looking forward to c u on the 15th of May.After the event i'll def catch up with all my frens and fans there.HUGS~

Hui wen:haha darl thx for supporting...eh don be sad la u make me wanna cry haha~standing at top4 is good enough =)

Danielle:I'm out d standing at top 4 hehe...thx for supporting thou =)i'll nvr stop blogging~

Kimberly:you make me wanna cry =( thx for supporting ming...yeap is only the biginning.Things have been great after MDG.

Suraya:thx for supporting BABE!!!
that dress i bought from Anod bangsar hehe =)

Rachel:yea i knoe shaz told me...thx for supporting ya=)how r u lately?heard you guys had an awesome bbq party when i was not around hehe.

Ah beng:hehe ur the best la peng =)missing you wei~

lynette said...

i checked the mdg blog/gallery/videos every week to see how you were doing. Was really shocked to see the last elimination post. And i've stopped viewing every since! T_T was pretty upset about it *angry* Anyway, you dont need it =D You're already a superstar. Take care, dear.

sheryl0202 said...


I like the fashion photos in your blog. KEep writing!


Simon Seow said...

See you this Friday. Give your best performance. Woot!

Brenda Ang said...

:( I actually voted for you! Was hoping you would at least be in the top 3. But oh well. All the best in your future endeavor! Love your looks and all :) Very unique :)

Michelle . WeyChin said...

so sad you're not living in KL..hehe..
but nevermind, Malacca is not really thatttttt far away :)

See u on friday!

Jazzy*Pam said...

Hie babe!

Aww, damn, I'm so sorry bout the elimination. :( I was rooting so hard for ya!

Check out my blog post for you way back in March: http://jazzypamela.blogspot.com/2009/03/vote-for-ming.html

Oh wells, no worries hun. Like you said, this is the beginning. ;) You'll go far.
I'm proud of you, gurl!


oldman said...

aiseh. all my retirement money is wasted and you didnt win the competition.

now where am i going to live??? can i live with you?

Hayley said...

go go go Ming!!
i'm sure you can shine well in the days to come!!

siewkwan said...

I voted for you as well!! It's ok, yep, it's only the beginning not the end, it sounded cliche but it is true!! All the best in everything you do right? :)

rachel said...

You're did great girl, the camera loves you! Shaz is doing awesome, taking care of his diet as usual :P sssh hehe. bbq was nonetheless fun. we will go to the curve to support you this friday! yippee! :)



MiSs^iJa said...

Hi Ming, u're gorgeous!
So sad when u got eliminated. :(
bdw, u're still the best. love the way u're.

Hui Wen said...

yeah...great that u r in top 4 as well...but was expected that u r in top 3...^^
u r always gorgeous^^
Take good care^^
we should do a gathering^^

@ng31a said...

Dear!! I miss you so much!! Looking forward to see you this coming Friday. Must at least give me your phone number so that we won't lost contact ok?? MUST!! Hahaha...

You promised to design my graduation poster one ar!! Hehehe....See ya...& take care....MUAX~^^

Ju said...

Ming you were my fav! and i must say i love the songs playing in ur blog's music player

Ju said...

oh btw i love ur military inspired jacket! whr did u get it from?

Rachel Scarlet said...

Ming, you salah orang ler..lol..uncle's peter's daughter la :P

uncle jason loook so cute on camera

LeeMing said...

I just finished watching those MDG 2 episodes online recently. Ming, I was so shocked knowing that you're eliminated. I was unable to vote for you since I'm abroad. but the voting doesn't mean everything.

For me, you got the versatility, and I like your attitude. And, you have a good voice to sing. You are right, it just the beginning. MDG 2 is just a stepping stone to go further.
Jia You!

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