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Photos from MDG2


On Set: Ming

OK!ok!i guess some of you must be waiting for my blog post,here goes what happened this week.Well i guess you guys watched the latest episode of Malaysian Dreamgirl.Yea I know~I’m really sad that Farah have to leave us so soon.We just started to know her better but she have to go~For the past week when Tasha is not around we’ve been so close with each other.We have dinner together,talking,laughing and even scared each other at night LOL *only Farah knows what happen in the house WoOoooo~*

Well Monday is one hectic day for us.We hit the gym again and we had DANCING class.Finally it’s the moment that we’re waiting for.I really enjoyed the class.Our dancing instructor is SOOoooOo FUNNY & COOL.He told me that i really feel the move when i dance…YEAP i know i’m feeling it hahaha~well according to Dawn’s blog i bet u guys know we got an invitation to STYLO launch party and there’s a theme for the party.We had to dress up as vampires.Smokey eye make-up,dark maroon lip colour with our hair all gel up neatly,how cool is that!!!There’s so many celebrity there and guess what JIMMY CHOO was there too =D Oh YEAH!!!Albert Nico too~Surprisingly he still remembers me.All of us had a BLAST that night.

This week was quite a surprising week thou…wanna know why i said that =)?because…WE DID AN OUTDOOR SHOOTING SESSION!!!This time around we have to portray lifestyle,more cheerful,cheeky and not giving strong poses.YEAP you’re right!!! I got to smile widely.It’s really hard for me cause I have BRACES.But after so much advise from our gorgeous judge ELAINE and my beloved daddy…I’m not so conscious about my braces anymore.I always tell myself well i’m still in the competition,i got to give it all out and try my very best.I think i’ve done my best.Really hope the photos turn out to be good =)hmm…I’m so worried for the next elimination.The votes are now back to ZERO,so remember to vote for me DREAM 08.

I think that’s all for today…Fashion video post will be up next!!!

p/s: Muk darl i guess ur in Malaysia d…SoOo soOoo sorry i can’t manage to spend time with you.I hope you enjoy ya trip darl.Julian and FD can be the best tour guide ever HAHA~LOVE YA XOXO~

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On Set: Ming and Denezia

Hey this is Ming and Denezia here again *wink*wink*~

i BET SOME of ya’ll have been waiting for our blog =) we wanna tell u sumtin abt our BODY COMBAT CLASS we had the other day which was suprisingly interesting n we really enjoyed alot…IT BROUGHT OUT THE JACKY CHAN n CHUN LI IN US…hahahah =)

WE SHALL start off by telling ya’ll abt our SHOESSS =P DENEZIA’S “TAPAK KASUT” actually flew towards the trainer *whom got shock n thought WAT THE HELL WAS FLYING TOWARDS HIM*..ming’s SHOE,literally THE WHOLE SHOE, flew towards DAWN who got shock n laughed…I THINK IT WAS CAUGHT ON CAMERA..sooooo LOOK OUT =D AT LAST, WE SAW A HOT GUY…hahahaha…SOME GUY WHO WORKS AT CELEBRITY FITNESS…muahahaha…ITS ABOUT TYM WE SEE SOMEONE HOT OKIEEE…IT’S BEEN AGES SINCE WE’VE SEEN SOMEONE SOOO GOODLOOKING =)

DID YOU ALL SUPPORT THE EARTH HOUR GLOBAL WARMING THINGIE????well all 8 of us did….n we’re proud of ourselves…*excluding the part whr we almost burn down our bathroom n killed ourselves* LONGGGGGGGG STORYYYYY!!! that’s for us 2 noe n for u 2 find out…lol…we’re all putting on some nailpolish now for the PRE-PARTY tomorrow…we’ve got a VAMPIRE THEME n all of us all OVER EXCITED N CANT WAIT…dont worry…pictures will b posted up =) GYMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM TOMORROW…grrrrRRRRR!!!!wonder wat our next class is gonna b….

Ming: I’ll be posting another fashion video post SoOOoooN~If i’m still in the competition la~LOL!!!!

Well i think that’s all for today =)hope u guys enjoy reading ya…XOXO~

Oh YEAH!!!Do vote for us =)Ming : DREAM 08 and Denezia : DREAM 03…to all who voted for us WE LOVE YOU MUCH MWAH!!

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On Set: Ming

HEY!Hey!hey!It’s MING again =)Hope you guys won’t get bored with me ya hehe~I’m really glad that i’m still in this competition.THANKS to all who had voted for me.Ya votes mean alot to me…appreciate much.Well it’s already past 1 month and i’m missing my family and friends SooOOooo badly sob T-T…especially mummy & daddy hmm…Daddy DON’T worry ok~ya lil girl here doing just fine =)I’ll always take ya advise ya the COOLEST DAD ever mwah~Me and Natasha are totally cool with things right now.

Recently there’s NO MORE DRAMA in the house.I think It’s a good thing thou because mostly i’m tired of people being ugly to each other in the house.i’m really tired with all the pain i feel and hear everyday.There’s too much of it.It’s like a pieces of glass in my head all the time.But that’s not gonna stop me.I’ll be strong and stay FOCUS on the competition.I knoe being in this industry it’s gonna be ugly.Some people may like you & some may not.Same goes to all the comments on the blog hehe =) *thanks to all who back me up ya*LOVE YOU GUYS~

Well let’s put all those sad thingy aside.It’s a brand new WEeeEeeK and i was super excited to find out that we’re going to do our photoshoot with 1 of our lovely judges JIMMY.Jimmy was with us through out the whole photoshoot session.This week he conducted the photoshoot teaching us how to pose,told us our best features angle.It was really FUN!!!1 of our gorgeous judges JULIE and our beloved stylist DESMOND said i look like a poodle hmm…I wonder if that’s a compliment or not LOL!!! I totally love the futuristic theme.I think it’s something different compared to all the previous photoshoot.

Next tuesday it’s gonna be another elimination day…So remember to keep voting for me DREAM 08~XOXO~

P/S:LIANA,if anything I’ve said or I’ve done wrong I’m really sorry.But I definitely think you have potential girl =)

Cha Cha darl…we MISS YOU and ya YUMMYLICIOUS FOOD…I believe u’ll go far in this industry YOU GO GIRL!!!

YuHoOOoo MAYA,we miss ya LAUGHTER.The house seems to be real empty without you.All the girls here MISS YOU AS HELL!!hek hok hek*only u noe wat that mean*wink wink*

Rajvin we miss u too…hope u get well soon ya~hugs and kisses~

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On Set: Ming

Hey Ming here!!!This is my 1st video fashion post on MDG blog =D sorry if there’s any error I’m just a newbie hahaha~Hope you girls ENJOY…

Check out my post by simply getting onto this link

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On Set: Ming and Denezia

Hey hey hey you guys….Its us again…DENEZIA n MING …we had an awesome night last friday….really fun.

MING says: OUCchhhhh!!!PINKY burnt my feet with the fire starter…hahahahahah*

Anyways….all 9 of us had our very first BBQ together…we went grocery all the stuff that we needed and enjoyed all night long…suprisingly…all of us got along QUITE well….SOME of us la!!! =P hmmmmmm…so so so….some went up and down the stairs…in n outa their room dat is…to do GOD KNOWSSS WAT….later at night….we had loads of fun during THE TRUTH AND DARE SESSION…and THUS….all our secretss r revealed now…hmmmm…hahaha..NOT A GOOD THING..WE CAN BLACK MAIL EACH OTHER NOW…muahahahha…KIDDING KIDDING…wat happened in the house..stays within da 11 of us…=)

DAYUM we forgot to tell you about our day at the gym…IT WAS freagggggin tiring…sick n twisted!!haha….literally TWISTED!!!HAHA…WE all did yoga….stretching to the point where we couldnt stretch no more…FINGERS TOUCHING TOES…HEAD TOUCHING LEGS N ALL THOSE “SNAKE LIKE” movements…hahahahaha…=) yoga isnt fun…its painfulllll BUT YET relaxing…whn OUR YOGA MASTER asked us to lay straight on the floor,close our eyes and just RELAX….that was it!!!! WE ACTUALLY FELL ASLEEP!!!..hahaha…n now…even just sitting here and writting this blog bringssss PAINNNNN to our body…OUUUHH the torture…..our back n leg..PRACTICALLY EVERYWHERE HURTS….=P

JERAD*our producer* is being EXTRA NICE TO US…he’s allowing us to go catch a movie tomorrow *SUNDAY*

MING says: me n natasha r cooling down on things now…tryin to get along with each other….i’ve had it with dramas in the house…!!!


ITS 11.40 am on Saturday…we’ve GOT nothing to do today…HONESTLY….FUN!!! we’ve havent had a break lyk this in weeks…we deserve it now…but still…we’ve gotta memorize this super long script JERAD asked us toooo…hmmm….YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY*says it sarcastically* =P

and ouh by the way…have we mentioned to you about our SMELLY CAT…hahahhaha..her names dream n pooping it restricted areas is wat she loves best…SHES REALLY SMART THOUGH..BUT STILL AN ANIMAL WHO DOESNT NOE WHR TO POOP!!!! GRRRRrrrrrr………

MING says:I’m missing you mum and dad…Dont worry about the drama in the house…I will always remember what you said..FORGIVE AND FORGET!!!!THanks for all my daddys buddies who voted for me and who is VOTING for me…Thanks alot for supprting me throughout this competition….I appreciate it much!!!!Thanks to all the family members who has always been there for supporthing me….My friends…THanks alot….I can’t ask for more =)…keep voting for me…DREAM 08….XOXOXO… =)

DENEZIA says: I’m missing the world!!haha…no internet…it’s killing me..but i’m getting use to it…i might consider giving up my phone for good…its quite relaxing actually…NOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!it seriously is a pain…haha…i missss tooo many people…mummy i miss you…DONT EAT TOO MUCH!!i dun wanna see a HUGE PELAMPONG COMING TOWARDS ME N HUGGING ME AFTER THIS…hahaha..DADDY…i miss you as hell…whn u cummin back????TT the money to mummy n ask mummy to vote for me..u cant vote for me from there…..=P HAHAHAHA….che che: i think ur all set to go meet your fiance in IRELAND baybehhh..woooohoooO!!hahahaha….i cant wait to see u in may…i promise i will be there for ur engagement….find me a super hawt irish guy k…hahah….. TWINNIES: i miss you as hell…go get the same hairstyle as gurllsss promised!!!! kiss a.p for me… you ketiak fedek!!!hahahahhaha =) and to all my frens n supporters: i love ya’ll as hell…thanks for all the votes…..keep it coming…hahahahaha…jk…but yea…pls do vote for me DREAM 03 k….MUAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!! =x =)

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On Set: Ming and Denezia

Hey here’s Ming and Denezia again!!! Bet u guys watched the latest episode of MDG…yea we know we’re so sad Acha & Maya*the ones that brings happiness within the 11 of us. Acha being a mummy to us…WE MISS YA DELICIOUS FOOD CHA CHA DARL!!! Maya always a JOKER in the house (HekkKk~HokkKkk~HeeKkKk~) *only you know what that mean darl Maya =D

There has been even more drama going on in the house…but we just wanna forget it all and just concentrate more on this competition…we’re not gonna let any other distractions get in the way…we’ve had it…we’re sick n tired of IT ALL!!! We just wanna sleep and wake up the next day to do what we are required to do….=)

But still…we would like to tell you whats happening between the 11 of us…as you all know…there’s 2 camps in the house…..hmmm…and there still is… =( *sad to say..but yea*

Anyways… there was a huge fight between two camps but everything’s alright now and we wish it will stay that way…..we want more figthin….PLEASE!! Hmmm…oh well…there’s a cat living with us now…and its poop freaggin stinks…..dayum…its poops smelllls like poopss from a gazillion different horses all together…hhahaha….it came upstairsss and pooped on our clothes…blooooddddyyy.

DREAM*oh yea..datts her name* =) but yet…shes so adorable….hahahha……..

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On Set: Ming

Hey guys Ming here =) ThxxxXxxx SoooOoo MuchHhhh for attending the MDG 1st appearance in public at Mist Club~hope you guys had fun that night. Thanks to family, friends and fans who supported me all this while…=) Ming LOVING & MISSING you guys out there…huggies~

This competition is helping me in so many ways like I can’t always be with my family all the time, I gained lotsa experience, learned more stuff about this industry and to get along with 11 other girls under one roof. This definitely will teach me to be more independent and confident =) Ming will strike and try my very best through out this competition.

Don’t STOP voting for Ming DREAM 08, cause the votes are now back to 0 again…so vote!!!vote!!!vote!!! XOXO~appreciate much MUAKZ~

p/s: Woot!!! woot!!! Interesting photos will be up SoooOOon~bet you guys out there will love it hehe…To all vintagesnoise.blogspot readers so sorry for not updating about fashion ya…I’ll be posting a video fashion post soon =P Stay tuned for more updates!!!

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On Set: Ming and Denezia

HeloOoooo~this is Ming & Denezia here…How have you guys been doing lately??? By the way…We just got back from MALACCA *our hometown* =( sad ryt??? Soooooooooooooo near..yet so so sooooooooooooo FAR away from our family and frens.. And not forgetting our Malacca FANS as well…*ehehheh** kononlah ada fans* =P =)

No one knew that we were back in Malacca in DATARAN PAHLAWAN!! How sad is that!!! =(
However, we went shopping n got ourselves some SHOES mainly for the runway show that is gonna be held on 16th MARCH at MIST! =) *wink wink*

We ourselves never knew that we were going back to Malacca until we got into the bus…We were so excited we could hardly sleep throughout the journey…The trip was mainly to introduce viewers to the latest Wacoal boutique on the second floor in Dataran. We met up with the OOOooohHH SO GORGEOUS ELAINE DAILY there and we were all interviewed by her!! WE INTRODUCED A FEW LATEST WACOAL DESIGNS N WALked away with a goodieee bag each…*a cap n a shirt (if you were wondering)* and NO…WE DID NOT BUMP INTO ANY FIMILIAR FACES =( tough luck for us Malaccans.!!!! SOOO SMALLLL YET IT SEEMEDDD soo HUGE…heheheh =) =D

THere WILL be more updates from us coming up soon!! DONT WORRY!! BE prepared for more entertainment and laughter…HEHEH…remember…VOTE FOR US OK!! MING- DREAM 08 and DENEZIA-DREAM 03

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