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She's a doll

16 yrs old Swedish sensation Frida Gustavsson, I think she's absolutely GORGEOUS. This girl is breathtakingly beautiful. Her cheekbones, her eyes and the sweet doll face...she has great personal style. I'm loving all her model off duty street look so transitional and chic.


WORK, Work, work.

~ 1st day ~
Dawn, Pinky and me cam whoring with our blue and black smoky eyes look~~ 2nd day ~

I'm loving 2nd day make-up gold and black smoky eyes...make my eyes look so much bigger.

~ 3rd day ~

The not so perfect, Dawn ,Fiqa and Agnes =)
Picture perfect!!! Us showing our green and black smoky eyes look~

I think I'm turning into a workaholic LOL~ Last weekend i just done a consecutively 3 days fashion show for T-joue. The event was called Gorgeous Week held in One Utama. The fashion show was awesome. I had lotsa fun catching with the girls. This month my schedule is packed and i got to work on my off day as well.Just finished a shooting session for Alicewonders. I seriously need a break. But all the hard work definitely pays off.
There's another photoshoot need to be done this month...I'll be modeling a campaign for The Pop Look. Will post up the pictures real soon!!!Arhhh~I have so many things but so little time to blog about it sigh...

P/S:More pictures will be up soon~


I've finally found the perfect 1!!!

leather jacket,Pull and Bear - oversized acid washed tank,Baci - black legging,pretty lace - grey pumps,Kiss.

After so long I've finally found the perfect leather jacket WeEeEee~ I've always wanted a leather jacket but it's always either too expensive or it's not the right cutting.
It seems as though the leather movement has made a return to the fashion world. this time the leather represents something different than it did 10 years ago. It's bad-ass. It's sexy. It's edgy.And the fashion world is in love with it.
Leather jackets have become a huge trend and they are extremely versatile.A nice leather jacket will look great with a ragged pair of jeans,leggings,or even a formal outfit.The best part about a leather jacket is that it is a classic item so it is definitely worth the investment. Well as the years go by it will be a vintage item then I'll pass it down to my daughter hehe~


Got Boobies?

Pink is a pale red color that very much adore by women. It symbolizes softness in within the soul of the harmless beings as well as, it explains the fact that pink ribbon is the international symbol of breast cancer awareness. Pink was chosen partially because it is so strongly associated with femininity. Worldwide, breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer after lung cancer, which shows the magnitude that are affecting our society and with that we in supports fully the awareness of Breast Cancer among our society.

We will be painting the town pink this whole Pink October to actually educate our society to be more aware about Breast Cancer. You can learn more about it by just surfing into the realm of Alice Wonders at Full details on Got Boobies? Campaign are found there. Our partners that are involve in this campaign are shown as below:
- (Official Parenting Site)
- (Official Media Partner)
- Enspired Bazaars (Official Event Part
- National Cancer Society Malaysia –NCSM (Beneficiary Party)
- Beverly Collection (Official Campaign Partner) – Specializing in soft toys

This Pink October we are selling a special collection of handbags in conjunction with Got Boobies? Campaign. You can view them on the AliceWonder’s website ( . Click on PINK RIBBON PRODUCTS to pamper your eyes with them. Remember there will be a certain amount that will be contributed to NCSM as a token of charity deed. On top of that, customized soft toys (teddy bear)as shown in the web sites of Alicewonders.Com are available as well.

Besides that, is having a Pink Ribbon contest throughout the month with exclusive freebies coming your way. Just place a pink ribbon on your blog and post a related blog to show your sincere support to this campaign and the blogs spotted with it will be awarded with freebies exclusively from Details on Pink Ribbon contest are shown as below.

Bloggers will need to write a blog post about the Got Boobies campaign, which MUST include these two keywords: GOT BOOBIES and ALICEWONDERS.COM

In addition to that, they will need to place the pink ribbon on their blog as well. You can put one on your blog, so that they can understand better.

GotBoobies 1 – Large Pink Ribbon Banner

GotBoobies 2 – Small Pink Ribbon Banner will select 5 winners each week (one winner/day)
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – Blogs spotted with the mentioned article and pink ribbon banner will receive a free pursehook each
Wednesday – Blog spotted with the mentioned article and pink ribbon banner will receive a free bag from AliceWonders (from the breast cancer awareness campaign collection)

How do we choose the winner?
We will Google the words :Got boobies and , and select the winners at random from the search results
(This is why their blog entry MUST include the keywords) =D

Winners will be announced on every Saturday on and
For instructions on how to insert the pink ribbon banner, do please go to

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This is the real ME

My~oh~my~ look at our naked face.There was a time when I felt like i cared.That i was ugly without make up. As i grew up i realised that people just love to say something bad to make them feel good. So why wasting time worrying about what people think of you. Being yourself is beautiful~ But I really can't accept the fact that we're getting older and older each day. There's no time to waste~life is short. So do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone.We need to plan our future. Live in the present, and make it worth remembering.


Chic POP Street Market

Finally it's all done!!! Been really busy over the weekends and i never had my off day since Raya. Because there's so many things need to be prepared before the event. Luckily I'm not doing it all alone~ My friend Wayne is being such a nice guy he offered to help me. Thanks so much~
Well all the hard work pays's all worth it.I definitely had lotsa fun with the people that i worked with.After this event i'll consider selling more of my preloved clothes soon =)
Feast your eyes on the weekend pictures!!!

All the camwhoring session makes me tiredmission accomplished!!! This is definitely 1 great weekend ~

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