WORK, Work, work.

~ 1st day ~
Dawn, Pinky and me cam whoring with our blue and black smoky eyes look~~ 2nd day ~

I'm loving 2nd day make-up gold and black smoky eyes...make my eyes look so much bigger.

~ 3rd day ~

The not so perfect, Dawn ,Fiqa and Agnes =)
Picture perfect!!! Us showing our green and black smoky eyes look~

I think I'm turning into a workaholic LOL~ Last weekend i just done a consecutively 3 days fashion show for T-joue. The event was called Gorgeous Week held in One Utama. The fashion show was awesome. I had lotsa fun catching with the girls. This month my schedule is packed and i got to work on my off day as well.Just finished a shooting session for Alicewonders. I seriously need a break. But all the hard work definitely pays off.
There's another photoshoot need to be done this month...I'll be modeling a campaign for The Pop Look. Will post up the pictures real soon!!!Arhhh~I have so many things but so little time to blog about it sigh...

P/S:More pictures will be up soon~

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2 Responses to WORK, Work, work.

sherlyn said...

wow! u look sexy n gorgeous with the smokey eyes!especially the one wit checkered top~ keke n Dawn's hair grows longer d!!!looks prettier now! n i think u had slimmed down :p keke
gampateh in ur work nehxxx!~how i wish i could be busy like u!~awaiting for ur Alice wonders pictures:p

Lywee said...

wow.. i like ur job.. free make up and nice dress.. >.<

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