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The year ends today~

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Anything you wish you could have done this year? Well I wish to end year 2009 in Australia. Too bad I couldn't make it but most probably I'll be going next year. I've actually done a lot~a lot~ this year like joining Malaysian Dreamgirl, started working and I certainly loving my job cause it's connected to fashion. Besides that I do learn a lot and gained lots experience this year. Hmm...hopefully next year gonna be a great year ahead~

GOOD BYE 2009 HELOOO 2010!!!
Washed blue-t, Cotton On - Knitted vest, Baci - Neckalce, MNG - Leggings, Malacca - Peep toe heels, Summer.


Shopping day out with mummy and sis

Laitee so-called paparazzi shot -_-Denim boyfriend shirt, Gap - Basic buttoned tank, Baci - Leopard scarf, Baci - leggings, Baci.Mummy look into the camera!and say cheese~ okok maybe not cheese cause both of us have braces a nice smile will do =)My sister and mom visited a few days. They arrived Thursday evening, with just enough time to have a little dinner before we start shopping~ Mom grew to just love shopping and I'm always her so-called stylist. We share almost the same style of dressing .We totally admire each other closet a lot haha~
From Thursday to Friday all we do is SHOP! At the end of the day she couldn't find anything nice, but the sister bought like plenty of clothes. I bought some too...just couldn't resist~ Everything is soOoOoo cheap. After all the shopping dad have come up all the way from Malacca just to send his 2 princess back home.
I wish i can tag along because I'm missing Malacca. I miss driving around Malacca town. My mom and I used to go out for “drives” We’d just drive to town. Enjoy the scenery and sing to oldies music. This was also the time we could talk just the two of us about anything. She’d be the friend and let me tell her anything without being upset or doing any mom lecturing. It was a great time and I look forward to doing this with my children.



i've collected some of the beautiful pictures from the movie “Avatar”, which is undoubtedly the most anticipated movie of the year 2009. If you're a sci-fi movie fan, Avatar is a must see movies by James Cameron. A good flick to end 2009.I'm Loving this movie from beginning to end. I had to drag Leslie and Wayne to go and watch this even though It's a 12:15am show. My eyes were glued to the screen. Planning to go see it again or I'll wait for the DVD to be out. I totally can watch this over and over again...The acting was awesome, the story line was awesome, The CG was AWESOME. Literally the BEST MOVIE I've seen to date.

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