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Wild wild FOX

~Loving those pretty outfits and the photography ~
you can view the rest out here!


playing blair waldorf

turtle neck top,FOS - checked skirt, Padini - leggings,Miss Selfridge - mary jane pumps,Aldo - bag,Alicewonders - ribbon hairband,Diva .

I'm loving the whole school-uniform chic thing. Makes me fondly remember my days as a school girl
But our uniforms never looked so nice.



This precious baby is saved~

Gosh!!! NOT AGAIN!!! I'm so frustrated and pissed.Guess what happened to me yesterday...A group of crazy young MAT REMPITS broke my car side window and trying to snatch my handbag while i was stuck in the jam. Thank god my reflect was fast enough to grab my favourite bag that i just got it from Alice wonder
.Unfortunately I'm not the only victim. There's a few cars ahead of me encounter the same thing.
Seriously this mat rempits should burn in hell and better off titled them as "SAMPAH MASYARAKAT". Can you believe it! The one who wanted to snatch my handbag was a young decent looking girl.OMG what happened to Malaysia nowadays.
All girls should be extra careful while you're driving alone. Don't ever leave your handbags beside the passenger seat.As for me I'll just carry a paper bag everywhere I go and leave all my precious handbags at home.LOL...nah just joking~ I got alot of important things to carry like my keys, cell phone, i-pod, organizer, make-up products arhh...i just can't live without a handbag.

See what I'm trying to tell you haha~


The Beautiful Life

Yet another drama with gorgeous people. The Beautiful Life revolves all around the fashion industry about a pair of fresh young models. Mischa Barton plays Sonja Stone on the show, a veteran model who is having to climb her way back up the ropes in the model industry that the show revolves around. While the main characters of the show are Sara Paxton’s plays Raina, the new up-and-coming “It” model, and Chris, the newly discovered male model. All of the models cohabitate together in a New York apartment building that looks more like a dorm. Well it seems like life in the modeling industry is not that beautiful after all.
I can't hardly wait for this tv series to be out.I'll get hooked!!! I think The Beautiful life is enticing and should be the perfect drama companion for The Next Top Model. While stylish and gritty all at the same time, the storyline for The Beautiful Life have plenty of potential.

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Brooches All Over

tube dress,ZARA - trench coat,SEED - flower brooch,TIC's DIY contributor,Eleanor - floral pumps,Nose

Brooches have added immeasurably to the chic style of women over the decades, and how marvelous that you remember your grandmother's stylishness as including brooches. You do need to have an inclination to wearing a vintage style
There’s nothing quite like a brooch to add a dose of instant style to an outfit. You can go big or you can try a smaller piece in an eye catching color or texture.they are a fab way to bling up any outfit.



It was a perfect BBQ party organized by Peng... great weather, great food, great company!We ate lots and lots of grilled sausages. For dinner, we had grilled lamb, chicken, fish, squid, sweet peppers, mushrooms, marshmellow, other veggies and yummylicious vanilla pumpkin for dessert.
That night a group of about 8 or 9 of us played a game called Mafia,
though. It could be described as a card game, although it's more of an experiment in psychology and mass hysteria. Well I just love being a narrator. Everyone will be laughing their heart out,cause i'll be one funny narrator.
All in all it was a GREAT reunion BBQ party~


Baci Boutique

Baci has always been my favourite boutique in Bangsar. Because it's really stylish yet affortable~To make everyone easier to shop Baci has an online boutique as well. Lime green tank top: RM29
Roped tank: RM59
Denim washed shorts: RM59
This is what i styled on the mannequin
Sheer black dress: RM69
leopard skirt: RM79
Vintage belt: RM49
Floral banded dress: RM79
caged heels: RM109
sigh~there's this online customer bought my black caged heels so i got to release it...but luckily there's another grey 1 hidden in the store room.
Zipper waved top: RM59
Peplum zipper skirt: RM69
Black tank top: RM29
Studded vest: RM69
Zipper skirt: RM69
You can find lotsa interesting accessories in Baci too =)
Love ring
: RM39
three rings: RM49
Leopard printed necklace: RM69Accessories play an important role in every outfits especially those plain ones~Just look at the differences...two same out fit one without accessories and one with accessories~Which one do you prefer?
Black tank top: RM29
Zipper waved skirt: RM69

Stringed sandals: RM89 Gladiator sandals: RM99My favourite caged heels
Caged heels: RM109

Baci Boutique Sdn Bhd
12-A First Floor,
Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur,

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