The Beautiful Life

Yet another drama with gorgeous people. The Beautiful Life revolves all around the fashion industry about a pair of fresh young models. Mischa Barton plays Sonja Stone on the show, a veteran model who is having to climb her way back up the ropes in the model industry that the show revolves around. While the main characters of the show are Sara Paxton’s plays Raina, the new up-and-coming “It” model, and Chris, the newly discovered male model. All of the models cohabitate together in a New York apartment building that looks more like a dorm. Well it seems like life in the modeling industry is not that beautiful after all.
I can't hardly wait for this tv series to be out.I'll get hooked!!! I think The Beautiful life is enticing and should be the perfect drama companion for The Next Top Model. While stylish and gritty all at the same time, the storyline for The Beautiful Life have plenty of potential.

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