playing blair waldorf

turtle neck top,FOS - checked skirt, Padini - leggings,Miss Selfridge - mary jane pumps,Aldo - bag,Alicewonders - ribbon hairband,Diva .

I'm loving the whole school-uniform chic thing. Makes me fondly remember my days as a school girl
But our uniforms never looked so nice.

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6 Responses to playing blair waldorf

Pepybomb said...

Hey Ming! I've the exact same hairband from Diva :) am really in love with it..haha nice skirt!

Jules said...

I love the preppy look! Love ur version of it!

Nana said...

Love love love it! :)

princess ayu said...

u are hot~

Caelynne said...

omg i totally love this XD love the outfit.. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey!Have you heard of (: If you haven't you should totally join it!

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