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When is the last time you try something new?

I know this is rather unusual review but I really want to share my favorite sanitary brand. Most women are very loyal to the sanitary brand that they use and the most important element for them is comfort. But I always loved to try out something new, something different. I think every woman have to always step up strong, be confident and moving on in life with courage. That's where you learn and discover new things.

I always love to try out new things throughout my teenage life...I have to say I'm quite a stubborn girl. I love to do and explore things the way I want.

As you guys know I actually graduated as a graphic designer.

but I took a huge step to be in the entertainment scene after being one of the finalists for Estee Lauder Model Search 2007.

I began modeling for TV commercials and print ads until one day my agencies asked me to put on braces. But that doesn't stop me from modeling.

I decided to take part in this online reality show called Malaysian Dreamgirl...out of my expectation I got through to the finals. Now I'm an online boutique owner and a freelance model, because I know fashion is in my blood. Have fun in life; take on life's challenges and wonderful experience, with the freedom and confidence to be who you are.

Trying out new thing can actually helps us to be more confident too...that's why this time I decided to step out from the comfort zone to try out Libresse. I love it ever since I used it. Libresse has made me look at sanitary products differently! They are so interesting and always different compared to the other brands and it is relevant to me. You girls should totally try it, you won't know if you like it until you try it.

I remember during school days when it was the "time" of the month, when we stand to greet the teachers or to go somewhere, we will definitely ask our friends "eh~got anything ah?" or "bocor or not?". Now with Libresse, there is no need to ask these questions or wonder there is any leakage because Libresse is designed to prevent leakage as it fits to your body and absorbs quickly.

Now I'm gonna reveal my favorite night sanitary pad from the Libresse range.

Libresse Maxi Night Wings.

Before I discovered Libresse I use to have trouble with leakages at night on my heavy days. My sleep used to interrupt and sometimes I have to change my sanitary pads halfway during the night time. Yea I know it's really troublesome~

Libresse comes in different length. Their Maxi Night Wings 32cm sanitary pad is very secure. It absorb quickly and it's comfortable. Wider front, narrower middle, and split rear end and DFC -channel that drive liquid inside quickly.

From the look of the packaging I thought it was going to be quite puffy and thick. Not at all this brand is amazingly comfortable, soft ad flexible enough to conform with body contours. For the 1st time I was worried it might be flimsy because of the 'feel' of it, but I was proven wrong by the excellent pad technology. The pad for mere 32cm and slim profile can hold quite large amount of fluid. This pad would be excellent for day use, perfect for heavy flow-ers without bulk and excessive length. It feels heavenly against skin and it is not abrasive or too soft where it causes irritation or itchiness.

[Libresse Maxi Night Wings 32cm- pad front close up]

Secure Fit, which refers to the pad design that anatomically fits your body, narrow neck to fit comfortably between your tights keeping it in place...and the Deep Flow Channel, quickly drive liquid in while giving plenty of breathing space and comfort. DFC also lock in the flow quickly, avoiding damp and uncomfortable feeling of flow at the top layer. It folds at strategic points in line with contour of your body to keep the pad intact all the times. This is definitely one of the few pads I've ever tested...even though lotsa sitting and standing it never cause rapid bunching and flow.

Besides that, Libresse Slim Liner is one of my favorite too~

It breathable, thus i always feel clean and fresh all the time even on those very hectic days. And most importantly Libresse Slim Liners do not cause irritation and allergies to my sensitive skin. Rashes no more! I'm loving this product because it brings me the dryness and comfort that I need.

The quality and length of use is perfect. The packaging design of all pads and individual pads are quite fun and cute. The colorful scheme suits my taste. The pad might look a bit revealing in a purse or can be quite thick due to the way folded. Also because the material tends to be soft and thus susceptible to being puffy, it might come off as being longer then it really is when fully extended.

Libresse is now one of the brand I will continue using, they even have great commercials with all the inspiring women.

Watch the commercials and find out more about Libresse HERE!

I think this is one of the coolest feature!

Choose ya favorite celeb and watch the TVC, After finish watching, video will ask you what the actress should do.

Insert handphone no. and ya name.

hand-phone will ring immediately!! Actress will be asking you what to do via the phone call.
key in the choice and see the ending video.

Sharing is caring so spread this cool website to all ya freinds~

Then key in all ya details to get some free samples from Libresse.

The website is simple yet full of interaction that users can click. Animation, motion and games are included to keep users busy clicking around! Can't believe choosing the right sanitary brand can be so interesting!

When is the last time you try something new?

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Cleaning Out Grandma's Attic

Yesterday at my grandma's place I found a plastic bag full of vintage clothes. You couldn't imagine how happy I am!!! I found her old Nyonya Kebaya, some vintage dresses and unique crochet stuff. FYI I did ask her permission whether I can keep all these pretty stuff...and my lovely grandma actually said YES!!! Thanks Po Po!!!

What I Wore:

This top I'm wearing today is one of grandma's vintage crochet top. I'm loving it to bits and pieces

Crochet top, Grandma's - Denim shorts, Jade - Bohemian bucket bag, Modestarr - Gladiator wedges, The Curve flea market - Accessories, Diva.

Always volunteer to clean out your grandma's attic. I'm sure she has lots of vintage goodies from the 20's-50's~ You might receive a couple of free stuff as reward :). Or how about something closer to home... dive inside your mother's closet. You would never believe how many beautiful accessories I found in my mom's jewelry box. She inherited most of them from my grandma. That's two flies in one smack!

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How To Look Pretty And Stay Pretty All Day?

Well I don't usually practice using this product after applying my liquid foundation... but after using this secret product for the past few weeks, I always get compliments from people. I don't even have to try hard to look good. The commend compliment that i got is, "do you spend a lot of time taking care of ya skin?"

Hmm...I think it's the new product working its miracle on me!!! I bet all of you wanna know what's my secret.

I guess I'm ready to blow the lid, ARE YOU READY GIRLS!!!

Now, for those of you who just can't give up your compact foundation for liquid foundation, REJOICE! The new Lancome Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator Compact Foundation is in town! Is a powder foundation made with the same technology as the brand's popular Teint Miracle.

Maqui Miracle promises to impart radiance from within, recreating the aura of glowing skin. It makes use of berry pink and radiant blue pigment to enhance the skin's radiance. Although the foundation promises to impart radiance to tired complexions, there's not a trace of glitter in this foundation, so you don't have to worry about looking all BLING* on ya face =D.

What else can this foundation offer?

Maqui Miracle Compact is recreated with 12H Long Lasting plus shine resist. It is made possible with the help of:

* Hybrid Bowl Filler absorbs large amount of sebum.

* Hydrophobic, Lipoohobic powder has a high resistance to color change,which implies that it prevents oxidization and also minimizes the 'dulling' of foundation which occurs naturally over the day. As we are exposed to UV pollution, those tend to 'steal away' our foundation pigments, causing the color change over the period of wear. With these innovative agents, sebum and sweat are absorbed and yellow dullness is gone.

This foundation contains soft powder that helps to eliminate the look of enlarged pores and therefore skin becomes smoother and even. It also makes me feel very light on my skin! Wait! I'm not finish yet! Maqui Miracle Compact contains highest SPF35/PA+++ ever in a compact. This mineral-based formula is suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin.

This is definitely 1 AMAZING compact powder huh!

Now I've found the answer how to look natural all day =). Maqui Miracle Compact provides a great natural coverage without making me look like I've has a heavy make-up on. After few hours of application my skin appears much brighter, softer and smoother looking. It's so lightweight that is as though I'm not wearing anything at all.
For those who have pigmentation like me~ I'm sure you'll love the high sun protection at SPF35/PA+++. With Maqui Miracle I feel safer under the sun plus it's really long lasting!

Don't believe me? See for yaself!

10am My look at the office...sorry for the tired face~

12pm At lunch.

FINALLY!!! 6:30pm After work hours yayy~

Due to its composition, it takes longer to oxidize therefore making it stay longer on you skin. Besides all the great benefits of this product, let's move on to the more visual products aspect.

The refill pan and the case will retail at RM130

This dual-side provides an ideal coverage. The velvet sponge side helps to deposit the product and the smooth side to blend well the product.

The 9-gram refill pan clicks securely into the hole in the compact specially reserved for it.

This is definitely 1 genius design!!! All you need to do is just snap your compact foundation into place. Easy peasy~

WALAAA~ Isn't that really nifty! =D I really love the whole classy white packaging. It is slim yet wide. It slip into my makeup pouch easily and I absolutely love the big mirror! I think every girl will loves it! right =)?

Maqui Miracle will be available in 8 Asian specific shades. The shade codes do not correspond to those of Teint Miracle, so it is necessary to match your skin tone to this new powder foundation, at the counter.

PHEW~ wasn't that a lot of information? But it's all good, because talking about make up products is always exciting! =D

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A Little Something I Found Yeaterday

I was clearing an old wardrobe yesterday and found my old journal hidden away in the bottom.I decided to sit and read, not really knowing if I was ready to open pandora box again. I read, every page I turned over brought back odd memories...until this page my heart just sank.One of my lovely friend Acha wrote this during Malaysian Dreamgirl. Unfortunately she left us on October 24th 2010.Until today I'm still missing her very much. It's difficult to face the sudden death of someone you care about and I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye.

“True friends are the ones who never leave your heart, even if they leave your life for awhile. Even after years apart, you pick up with them right where you left off, and even if they die they're never dead in your heart.”

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