Fighting The Monday Blues

Whether you call it the blues or the blahs, for everyone who works the typical Monday through Friday schedule, Monday is always the worst, and Monday morning is the worst part of Monday. We dread it, we fear it, and we hate it. I guess everyone is in the same situation right now. Err...not for the ones who didn't work of course.

To fight Monday's my unconventional idea for beating the Monday. Blogging and update a lil about what I wore today =)...a polka dot chiffon top and a sailor inspired skirt. At 1st I thought I will look weird, but after pairing and styling all these turn out to be kinda cute and sweet =).

Happy Monday Blues~ XOXO

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7 Responses to Fighting The Monday Blues

Mel said...

i love this style!

Anonymous said...

U forgot to post where u got ur top and skirt :)

vOon said...

niceeeee~~!!! love it so much!!

Mei Lan said...

Really nice! I love polka dots! And your socks with heels is so very daring. Supports! =)

lizzy said...

Hello ming can i know whr did you get the shoes and socks? cute! =)

.:Leeming:. said...

mel: Thanks alot babe =) appreciate much!

anonymous: You'll find out soon! =)

Voon: Thanks babe =)

Mei lan: Thanks for the compliment babe!

lizzy: i forgot where i got the socks =) the shoes are from Baci~

[ sphinxy ] said...

<3 the skirt!!!

That time you posted about the ballerina skirt but they were I think sold out dy... :(

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