EPL Masters Football 2011: Liverpool

The EPL Masters Football Malaysia Cup 2011 is in town last Sunday. All thanks to Malcolm and Bell we managed to get tickets =). Anyhoo me and the mister all dress up in Liverpool jersey and ready to paint the town "RED" . We were a little late so we had "Roti Sedap" for brunch while we were rushing there at full speed.

"Sedap la sangat! Nasib baik aku beli air kalau tak tercekik mati nanti."

I was kinda culture shock when I see all the crazy football fans. The atmosphere was amazing! Almost all the fans are wearing Liverpool colours, they are vastly outnumbering. Loads of good flags and banners~ now I know why their club motto is "You'll Never Walk Alone".

The mister been waiting for this moment and he gets all excited about it ...this is the 3rd competition after the last one in year 2009. Liverpool previously lifted the Masters Trophy in 2008, led by legendary striker Ian Rush, beating Manchester United in the final. Manchester later won the trophy in 2009 in a thrilling final that went down penalties. So guess who won this year?

I find it real funny when some of the Liverpool fans singing "Who the f*** is Man Utd"~~~ they just crack me up!

Malcolm (Man Utd supporter): I feel like punch them in the face!

What a cute couple! boyfriend support Liverpool, girlfriend support Man Utd.

adorable Liverpool fans

the bubbly Bell =)

I think his dad make him study the history of Liverpool.

passionate and loyal Liverpool fans putting up their banners.

Well local footie fans (I'm definitely not one of them) can expect to watch their idols such as the ‘Kop God’, Robbie Fowler, his fellow ‘Spice Boy’ Steve McManaman, one-half of Man United’s prolific, Andy Cole, and many others, as well as local stars such as Zainal Abidin Hassan and Shahrin Majid in action in a four-way, indoor six-a-side football tournament. The four teams competing are holders Manchester United Masters, Liverpool Masters, EPL All Stars Masters and Malaysian Masters.

Here's our patriotic Malaysia fans!

Malcolm's dad gets all excited too =)

Wooo~so serious...

The purpose of the mister coming here is to see Liverpool VS Man Utd. Once again, the devil Man Utd got defeated against THE MIGHTY RED LIVERPOOL by 4-3...yesssss!

OMG he is so good looking!!! The only player that caught my eye is the handsome Patrick Berger.

the lovely couple Malcolm and Bell

It was definitely a FUN DAY!!! =D

Too bad this year Liverpool didn't won. The EPL Master Trophy goes to All Star this year.


p/s: The mister was laughing his ass off when he found my picture HERE!

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5 Responses to EPL Masters Football 2011: Liverpool

Amirul (aremierulez) said...

Sorry because I'm putting your picture without your permission. Hope you dont mind.

Anyway, YNWA! :)


Anonymous said...

You look so cute in jersey!

JuNi3 said...

hahaha. funny you got captured that way. shows just how attractive u are ;)

anyway, i was there too :D

Anonymous said...

saw the liverpool malaysia's blog and saw ur comment... then this guy said sorry 4 putting up ur pic.. then u gave ur blogs url.... just viewing it.. and the first picture i saw was mine in ur blog.. hahah anyways good shots... cheers..!

.:Leeming:. said...

Amirul: Oh i don't mind at all =) YNWA!!!

Anonymous: thanks for the compliment appreciate much!

Junie: aik thanks for the compliment...but I'm not that attractive thou look at the picture I looks like a blur girl haha~ but thanks again for the compliment babe =)

Anonymous: haha hope you love the pic =)

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