How To Look Pretty And Stay Pretty All Day?

Well I don't usually practice using this product after applying my liquid foundation... but after using this secret product for the past few weeks, I always get compliments from people. I don't even have to try hard to look good. The commend compliment that i got is, "do you spend a lot of time taking care of ya skin?"

Hmm...I think it's the new product working its miracle on me!!! I bet all of you wanna know what's my secret.

I guess I'm ready to blow the lid, ARE YOU READY GIRLS!!!

Now, for those of you who just can't give up your compact foundation for liquid foundation, REJOICE! The new Lancome Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator Compact Foundation is in town! Is a powder foundation made with the same technology as the brand's popular Teint Miracle.

Maqui Miracle promises to impart radiance from within, recreating the aura of glowing skin. It makes use of berry pink and radiant blue pigment to enhance the skin's radiance. Although the foundation promises to impart radiance to tired complexions, there's not a trace of glitter in this foundation, so you don't have to worry about looking all BLING* on ya face =D.

What else can this foundation offer?

Maqui Miracle Compact is recreated with 12H Long Lasting plus shine resist. It is made possible with the help of:

* Hybrid Bowl Filler absorbs large amount of sebum.

* Hydrophobic, Lipoohobic powder has a high resistance to color change,which implies that it prevents oxidization and also minimizes the 'dulling' of foundation which occurs naturally over the day. As we are exposed to UV pollution, those tend to 'steal away' our foundation pigments, causing the color change over the period of wear. With these innovative agents, sebum and sweat are absorbed and yellow dullness is gone.

This foundation contains soft powder that helps to eliminate the look of enlarged pores and therefore skin becomes smoother and even. It also makes me feel very light on my skin! Wait! I'm not finish yet! Maqui Miracle Compact contains highest SPF35/PA+++ ever in a compact. This mineral-based formula is suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin.

This is definitely 1 AMAZING compact powder huh!

Now I've found the answer how to look natural all day =). Maqui Miracle Compact provides a great natural coverage without making me look like I've has a heavy make-up on. After few hours of application my skin appears much brighter, softer and smoother looking. It's so lightweight that is as though I'm not wearing anything at all.
For those who have pigmentation like me~ I'm sure you'll love the high sun protection at SPF35/PA+++. With Maqui Miracle I feel safer under the sun plus it's really long lasting!

Don't believe me? See for yaself!

10am My look at the office...sorry for the tired face~

12pm At lunch.

FINALLY!!! 6:30pm After work hours yayy~

Due to its composition, it takes longer to oxidize therefore making it stay longer on you skin. Besides all the great benefits of this product, let's move on to the more visual products aspect.

The refill pan and the case will retail at RM130

This dual-side provides an ideal coverage. The velvet sponge side helps to deposit the product and the smooth side to blend well the product.

The 9-gram refill pan clicks securely into the hole in the compact specially reserved for it.

This is definitely 1 genius design!!! All you need to do is just snap your compact foundation into place. Easy peasy~

WALAAA~ Isn't that really nifty! =D I really love the whole classy white packaging. It is slim yet wide. It slip into my makeup pouch easily and I absolutely love the big mirror! I think every girl will loves it! right =)?

Maqui Miracle will be available in 8 Asian specific shades. The shade codes do not correspond to those of Teint Miracle, so it is necessary to match your skin tone to this new powder foundation, at the counter.

PHEW~ wasn't that a lot of information? But it's all good, because talking about make up products is always exciting! =D

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9 Responses to How To Look Pretty And Stay Pretty All Day?

Anonymous said...

Is it alright for sensitive skin?

.:Leeming:. said...

I have sensitive skin too and it works just fine for my skin =).

Anonymous said...

do you apply any make up base or bb cream or liquid foundation before using this or just use this alone? i'm kind of interested with this compact foundation.

sweetiegem <3 said...

where did u work?i saw..there is mac computers and everything in MAc! haha!wad do u work as?

.:Leeming:. said...

Anonymous:Yeap i did apply a thin layer of bb cream before using Maqui Miracle Compact cause Maqui has good coverage and lasting powder =).

Sweetiegem: I work at home babe and that's my com =)

mandy said...

absolutely stuning! im so getting one of this miracle compact!

.:Leeming:. said...

I bet you'll love it babe =)

Angela Ong said...

I'm thinking if I should get this, or a mineral powder instead. What do you think?

.:Leeming:. said...

ANGELAA!!!! How are you =)? Should get this one~ you know girls are very kiasu with the SPF and stuff...this is SPF35/PA+++ plus it last up to dont have to keep touch up =D ~

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