Finding Balance

The weather has been absolutely crazy. It's raining cats and dogs lately, then sun. Weather oh weather you're making me sick. Not just that but my schedule is JAM PACKED! I'll go crazy with one thing popping up after another, I feel like I’m in college again! I always believe that hard work pays off. Although I'm a lil whiny, But I secretly enjoy being this busy...I guess =). I gotta find the balance in life. Finding balance in life is realistic and important goal. It is essential to maintain the quality in life and work. Wish me luck peeps!

What I wore:

Army shirt, Zara - French lace top, -Denim shorts, Hollister - Bag, Marc Jacobs - Heels, VIA UNO.

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2 Responses to Finding Balance

Anonymous said...

love this look!where can i get a army shirt? any suggestion beside zara?

.:Leeming:. said...

eek I'm not really sure...maybe you can try Topshop or Cotton On =)

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