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bebe spring/summer 2009

i'll go koo koo over these pictures.Everything about the campaign scream spring and summer.It is a time of abundance for flowers,with all colours and shapes blooming everywhere and leaves sprouting from the branches of the trees.This are what you get in this campaign bebe spring/summer 2009 collection totally nailed it~The dominating colors appeared to be black, white and cotton candy hues.There are unexpected combinations,different proportions.This collection makes one feel very sophisticated and charming.
love the colour and the elegant strapless mini dress with ruffled skirt
unique puffy ruffled sleeve
This style kinda reminds me 1 of Kimora lee's Lily et Cie feathered dress
cream satin blazer~gawjuz!!!
To anyone who is rocking the body con look at the moment.This skin tight dress will be the perfect choice.Photographer: Camilla Akrans
Model: Anne-Marie Van Dijk


Gucci spring/summer 09 ad

Totally admire all the Spring/Summer ad campaign...i love almost all of them...i think the designers,models and photographers did a great job~The spring/summer 2009 campaign for Italian luxury brand Gucci shot by Dutch dynamic duo,Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.I personally think this season is so much better than last season.The tropical theme totally works!!!This is an amazing shoot.Look at all those stunning poses,gorgeous face expression and the colourful Gucci wardrobe,makes me want to wear Gucci~But...But...It's way toooo expensive ming can't afford to buy those stuff...So she can just drool over these pictures haha~
Look out for this gorgeous commercial in your favorite fashion mags.
stunning snakeskin purse Loving the hip suits
Here's the making of Gucci spring/summer 09 ad campaign video:

Models: Abbey Lee, Lily Donaldson, Natasha Poly, Elsa Hosk, Jonatan Frenk and Mathias Bergh
Photography by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin


What Is The Defination Of Beauty?

I Was talking to Jau Siang the other day about Stam.As you guys know she's one of my favourite model.
Jau Siang :But this jessica girl... hmm.. looks more a doll than a natural human being...
You're right a unique look that makes Stam special and that's what most of the modeling agencies are looking for~Well for me everything is beautiful and everybody is beautiful in their own way.Beauty is in the eye of the trash is another treasure.It's all about how u carry yaself because everyone sees beauty in diffrent form.I think that being humble & confidence is what makes one's beauty shine.


Chinese New Year Celebration

~2nd Day Of Chinese New Year~

What is Chinese New Year without fireworks, ang pows, house-visiting,mom's delicious cookies and lion dances?Never fail every year grandma will hired lion dance to performed at her place.The lion dance is usually performed during Chinese New Year.It is believed to usher good fortune, as well as ward off evil spirits.I absolutely love watching lion dance i think it's such a wonderful art,very lively and vibrant. Even though i saw the performance so many times, it will still drag me to gaze at it again and again.The lion dance is normally accompanied with the sound of firecrackers.
In our chinese culture,Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner is a must and that's when everyone in the family will gather and have a feast.But for our family culture normally on Chinese New Year we have 2 reunion dinner.The new year eve reunion with the dad's side grandparents and 2nd day of Chinese New Year with the mom's side grandparents.The reunion dinner should be eaten with all immediate family members present as a symbol of strength and unity in the family.We had so much
fun together sipping wine,taking pictures and catching up with our love ones and families~

Jia ling sweetie this is ya baby Russ haha~
time to catch up with the love ones and family~P.J back to his old hair style haha~What is family gathering without a family picture =)Jia Ling all of us miss u so badly~
It was the end of our cheerful and stunned day
p/s:baby i saw the bag d love it so much...Thx muakzz~


Jessica Stam

Jessica Stam my all time favourite model.One of the top-earning supermodel and she's only 21 this year.I think she has very nice facial bone structure and a unique doll face.Stam is known for her trademark eyes,which are ice blue/grey.Stam was raised on a farm with her six other brothers but then was discovered in a local coffee shop by Michèle Miller,and just a year later, famed shutterbug Steven Meisel named the beauty as his muse.Stam has featured in numerous top designers label ad campaign like Marc Jacobs,Miu Miu,DKNY,Prada,Gucci,Anna Sui,Dolce& Gabbana,Roberto Cavalli,H&M and the list goes on..Did you know that Marc Jacobs's highly coveted Stam Bag was inspired by her?Stam runway schedule has been as busy as ever too...She's one lucky girl indeed.


Chinese New Year!!!

I'll be celebrating Chinese New Year in Malacca this year...Last year due to some modeling job i can't make it back for Chinese New Year and reunion dinner.But this year i'm BACK mom & dad =)~Sad to say the boyfriend can't make it back this year hmm~ he's in Houston having his geology training there.2 more weeks to go and he'll be back =).
Happy Chinese New Year everyone may the ox year be blessed with joy,wealth and good health!!!
p/s:Thx Matt & Ben for the yummylicios banana cake,Kai darl thx for ya lovely email and thx everyone for the lovely greeting.Baby I'll be counting the days waiting for you to be back XOXO~


Say It Again-Marie Digby

My very 1st video post !!!Guys and girls have a laugh with the crazy me and the gang~We did this video like last year if i'm not mistaken =)It got me all cracked up when i watch it again~


Unique Vintage Piece

Wearing my very 1st vintage piece.I screamed when i saw this piece in Bombshell.It fits me perfectly.I love the print so much cause it's really unique!!! Prints that u can hardly find...It cost me only RM20 for this lovely dress how awesome is that =).2 years back all the vinage dresses i bought were really cheap.But due to high demand and acceptance for vintage clothing that prices have gone through the roof when it comes to collectable items and those which are keenly sourced by stylists and designers.It's a good thing that people wear old stuff cause it increased interest environmental sustainability in terms of recycling,reusing and repairing rather than trowing things away.At times,the cycle of fashion design turns to history for inspiration.
vintage dress:Bombshell,brown belt:Tea & Sympathy,white heels:Vincci,


Crazy & Disgusting Outing!!!

So much for FRAMES food tasting.I remember i barf during this mamak session EwWww~Too much of shisha i guess...Will never try shisha EVER AGAIN.

create animated gif
Look at jeremy's expression haha

create animated gif
Ok...this is kinda lame but FUN =D!!!
p/s:Missing you guys in KL~

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