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when I am with you

Definitely an awesome Sunday indeed. I haven't been shopping lately~ and it feels GREAT after such a hectic week. I got to catch up with some old friends, do some grocery shopping with the mister and have the most delicious desserts with the love one at FRAMES. Now I got to get back to work again! There's so many things for me to do and I'm not complaining...busy is a good thing! Sometimes my brain is working overtime, then my energy runs out and I just wanna curl up into a little ball on the couch and rest, but resting is not really an option when you have a lot of work still needs to be done.

pictures taken yesterday:

read up some designing books to get inspired~

I'm so gonna get this!!

Ok I don't know anything about football but this is the UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour.

look at all the crazy football fans! I don't know what's the big deal about the trophy but a lot of people actually willing to queue up just to get a picture with it.

spotted another crazy football fan!! -___-

Gosh I miss this place! Wanted to have my favorite mouth watering sticky date pudding but sold out. So we had the delicious chocolate mousse and chocolate brownies. Aik! everything so chocolaty I think i need to starve for the next few days =).

Such a fun day hanging out with the mister. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. XO~

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A Wonderful Sunday

Happy Sunday to you dearies. I had the most boring day yesterday so I decided to stay at home and do some sewing =)...but today it's gonna be awesome Sunday~ Me and the mister going to have so much fun today yayy!!! Next week I have a jam packed schedule. I've got so much to share with you . It's going to be a busy week here on the blog so please stay tuned!!!


dancing on the rooftop

Long cardigan, Gap - White basic tee, Calvin Klein - Braided belt, Baci - Denim Shorts, Hollister - Fedora hat, FourSkin - Socks, Daiso - Heels, VIA UNO - Bag, Marc Jacobs.

The mister surprised me a beautiful long cardigan when he was back from Penang, and I'm totally loving it! Long cardigan sweaters are extremely popular for comfort and style. They’re great for layering under jackets, it can be worn basically any season. If you are into developing your own style, you can establish a look with shorts, leggings, skirts, wife beaters, minidress, blouse and more~ skinny belt optional. You can also use your cardigan to play with textures, as Alexander Wang does. I really love wearing cardigan sweaters for creating the polished high maintenance looks mixed with an urban style.

What do you think? How would you wear the long cardigan? Share your thoughts in the comments! XO~

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Kate Bosworth For Nylon

Kate Bosworth graces March 2011 Nylon Magazine and is looking really cool and stylish in short shorts and midriff-baring top. She dons an Isabel Marant top revealing Roberto Cavalli bra underneath teamed with shorts and a Giles sweater. Completing her boho-indie rock chick look is D&G belt and chic jewels.

The overachiever celebrity talks about many things in this issue like on her new career as a new designer with JewelMint, Her new upcoming film Another Happy Day. Gosh!!! I'm totally in love with all her style~

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I'm On Quickie!

Did you catch me on 8tv Quickie on Tuesday night? If you miss it you can actually watch it here . Truth to be told, Seriously me? was the only thing that came to my mind when I was invited to be on 8TV Quickie. I didn't know what to do with my hands, my mind totally go blank.

It wouldn't be right for me to talk about my experience during the show before thanking 8TV Quickie for this opportunity. So thank you 8TV Quickie. I haven't been doing this for a long time...felt a lil nervous, but I guess everything goes well. Besides Star World and E! Entertainment, 8TV is one of my favorite channel. If I’m not bump out somewhere else and just stay at home, 8tv Quickie is a must screen live show for me to watch! Oh and my mom is a big fan of 8TV Quickie too =).

Some photos for you to feast your eyes on!

such a cute and cozy set up don't you think so?

look at my nervous face...thank god Zher and Julie asked me plenty of question to ease my nerve so that I feel more comfortable.

The oh-so-lovely hosts Zher and Julie

It was definitely a great experience! xoxo~

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lace mania

Happy Tuesday and a giant hug to all you dearies~ Finally an outfit post, geezz I know, I've been neglecting my blog. So sorry about that but I'm so excited about this outfit post. I'm totally in love with my recent buy. An amazing lace-slip that cost only 5 Ringgit. Definitely adds that needed bit of glamour to everything! So worth it~

p/s: Oh yea I'll be on TV tonight! Remember to catch me on 8TV Quickie at 11:30pm =). Hopefully everything goes well~

Chiffon Top, Loaf - Lace-slip, Bundle Sale - Denim Shorts, Padini - Chain Headband, Modestarr - Bag, Modestarr - Bangle, Diva - Wedges, Vincci.

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