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I started wearing contacts last two years for photo shoots and events, and I've been hooked ever since. What's awesome about them is that there are so many kinds of lenses, and each gives different results.

If you noticed I normally use brown, grey and green contact lenses in my previous pictures. This is mostly because I'm such a spaz for natural looking ones. However i decided to get out of the comfort zone this time and go for blue.

I just bought some FRESHLOOK contact lenses from lens-page.com. These are FRESHLOOK blue and grey contact lenses that have a 14.0 diameter. these look awesome and under natural light, especially paired with light make up with pink lipstick. Makes you look really doll-like, even barbie-ish with flash / artificial lighting, but the colors are just too undeniable lovely for me so I don't really mind. Absolutely gorgeous! Love how it blends with natural eye color.

COMFORT: Super wearable even for long hours. You will not feel a thing. Well until it gets a bit dry which is after 3rd and 4th hour in my case =). You will feel it there but it's not disturbing or painful. Just use your handy dandy eye drops.

Pardon my tired face. I've been swamped with so much work these days. Not that I'm complaining, But I have no time to go shopping and get my stuff. Driving to the mall, looking for parking spot and queuing up to purchase the things you need has been a thing of the past. Recently online contact lens shopping has hit the internet by storm. It seems like it was only yesterday when you can only buy contact lens online from bloggers or a merchant from a social network which has low security level on private data and slow in terms of service. I must say I'm such a lucky girl to have found out about this website from a lovely friend of mine. Today, professional online contact lens website has grown all over the internet and one that has caught the attention is lens-page.com

lens-page.com is an online contact lens website that based in Malaysia. It is known to be on established worldwide supplier of many leading contact lenses brands such as ACUVUE, FRESHKON, ENCORE and many more. I totally think that lens-page.com provides good customer service, better price and fast delivery. The biggest reason to buy online is you can save money.

The reason why I love shopping with lens-page.com is actually their professionalism which was portrayed brilliantly on their website. The awesome layout of their website is so well design and easy to use which make online shopping a simple thing to do. lens-page.com has also put an effort to make posting on enquiry or simply asking a question to their support on easy task.

log on to this page then you'll know what I mean =)

You can send an email to ask them any question, there is an enquiry form located in the contact us page, if you have no time to wait, you can also contact them via telecommunication. They have phone a phone assistant to assist you.

And if you're too shy to talk for some reason, you can also communicate with them via social networking on Facebook. As I mentioned earlier in the article, purchasing online from a blog or asocial network has a few issues and customers needs a professional company to provide them security in their online purchase, lens-page.com gave them just that.

Not just that, lens-page .com also provides contact lens on updates their products on their Facebook fan page. There's lotsa interesting promotions, such as lucky draw, loyalty program, and friend's referrals program.

With good customer service, good price deals and good professionalism. Contact lens lover out there this would be highly recommended website.

p/s: Having a prescription from your doctor is required and it's one of the pass point requirements when ordering online. Trying to buy lenses without a proper prescription is a BIG NO NO! You could order the wrong type which may cause injury or infection. Think safety all the time and make sure you have a valid prescription.

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5 Responses to Lens Page

Ashee said...

wow those gorgeous eyes!make me wanna get a blue contact lens too =).Thanks for the info ming.

ErikaToh said...

Wow...you look good with blue colour contact lenses, Ming! :D

.:Leeming:. said...

Ashee: thanks for the compliment babe and ur most welcome =)

Erika: Thanks alot babe =) Oh yae Happy Chinese New Year~

mrsBrightside said...

thanks for the tip girl .... awesome !

mrsBrightside said...
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