Chinese New Year's Eve

I have tons and tons of pictures to edit...Phew~ to keep you guys update I decided to post on my Chinese New Year Eve cum reunion dinner among our families. This is the day where family members meet, eat, chat and laugh together. Well usually family would gather around a round table and have dinner together, but we have a big family so we separated in 2 groups. The elder ones on the right and the younger ones on the left.

That's more like it! Now we have more space to move around and eat comfortably =).

Oh my I'm a big fan of this dish. YEE SANG! Have you had your yee sang already?

We definitely enjoy the process of tossing up all the ingredients with chopsticks.The action of tossing is known as Lo Hei which symbolizes increasing prosperity, abundance and vigor.

my cousins are all in RED

yummilicious shark fin soup

counsin Eric,Pin and Jun

sis Wei

2 rascal toad Ting and Huey Ying

This is delicious!

Here comes my favorite dish throughout the whole night. The mouth watering abalone!

We all had so much fun together!!!

I bet you guys had a wonderful reunion dinner too =)...stay tuned for more Chinese New Year posting!

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6 Responses to Chinese New Year's Eve

Sean said...


.:Leeming:. said...

haha sean you missing all this huh...

AngelineBK said...


HelenCC said...

Happy New Year, Ming ^^

Anonymous said...

All your food look awesome! Btw, Benson was in one of your pictures. lol
Does he know that? XD

.:Leeming:. said...

Angeline: Thanks Happy Chinese New Year babe =)

Helen: Happy Chinese New Year Helen =)

anonymous: it does taste awesome too!!! yea he knew it =)

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