dancing on the rooftop

Long cardigan, Gap - White basic tee, Calvin Klein - Braided belt, Baci - Denim Shorts, Hollister - Fedora hat, FourSkin - Socks, Daiso - Heels, VIA UNO - Bag, Marc Jacobs.

The mister surprised me a beautiful long cardigan when he was back from Penang, and I'm totally loving it! Long cardigan sweaters are extremely popular for comfort and style. They’re great for layering under jackets, it can be worn basically any season. If you are into developing your own style, you can establish a look with shorts, leggings, skirts, wife beaters, minidress, blouse and more~ skinny belt optional. You can also use your cardigan to play with textures, as Alexander Wang does. I really love wearing cardigan sweaters for creating the polished high maintenance looks mixed with an urban style.

What do you think? How would you wear the long cardigan? Share your thoughts in the comments! XO~

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10 Responses to dancing on the rooftop

HelenCC said...

wow, gorgeous~
some photo a bit like MJ ^^

AngelineBK said...

Ming, u r really pretty. Guess in person u definitely looking great

Anonymous said...

a sleeveless long check shirt with a long cardigan and maybe with a belt on.

michelle said...

i love this look ming!

Anonymous said...

hi. just a thought. cardigans are nice. but again, given such hot weather in Malaysia, not everyone can stand wearing cardigans/trench coats under the scorching sun. perhaps you can come up with something else?

oh and, I think it should be Marc Jacobs. Instead of Marc Jacob.

no hard feelings.

.:Leeming:. said...

Helencc: Thanks so much Helen =)

Angeline: thanks Angeline~ thanks so much for all the lovely comments totally appreciate much~

Anonymous: Nice one =)!!!

Michelle: I'm loving this look too~

Anonymous: True! But i guess some of us can stand such hot weather in Malaysia just for the sake of fashion. If you want me to come out something else I'll go for a t-shirt or a singlet with shorts =). That's just my point of view =P. Why don't you email me some examples...maybe I can blog about it and share with my readers =).

Oh there's some spelling error there and thanks for the correction babe totally appreciate much~

Have a nice day~

Meanz said...

Really adorable cardigan and hat! Jealous of your ability to wear shorts and the weather you're having. It's snowing here!

- Meanz (Koi Story)

.:Leeming:. said...

thanks for the lovely compliments...sad to say that Malaysia is a tropical country, there's no snow here =(.Me envy the weather you're having too~

suangyee, flora said...

yes, very nice cardigan indeed. luv the way u pulled it off. :)

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks for the compliment babe.I'm loving ya photography skills and style too~

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