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Get Married In Style!

This is my 1st Q & A blog post and i would like to feature one of my sister's friend Nigel Chia. Well, Nigel is currently 22 years old, he grown up in a small fishing village with a simple family for the past 19 years. Just started to adapt the KL lifestyle when he entered University for last 2 and the half years. Being a fashion designer is his passion, since the day he started learning how to draw. I think he's one talented guy.

Nigel quote: I am not just a fashion victim, indeed a ‘fashion design victim’.

Ming: Why are you so enchanted with Barbies?

Nigel: Hmmm….why m I so enchanted with Barbie? I guess they are my perfect model form the day I fall into the ‘grave’ of fashion design. Ha ha ha……some said girls’ childhood won’t be completed without Barbie, but I would say that my dream won’t be shined without Barbie! By the way, currently I have found a kind of doll that fascinates me! They are called Ball Jointed Doll, planning to make them my next model but they are damn expensive!!!!!!!

Ming: What sparked your love for design?

Nigel: What I could say is I am born to design! Since the day I know this world, I couldn’t stop designing. My mom believes that this is the consequence of her prenatal education, guess wat? When I was still a fetus, she was busying tailoring for clients. That is why I end up loving fashion design.

Ming: When you started and pick up designing night gowns and wedding gowns?

Nigel: I always fascinated with night gowns and bridal couture. I think since I was 7 years old, I started to sketch on the blank paper with some ball gown design for my ‘fake barbie’ (those which sell in a cheap price in pasar malam). Then, my childhood is none other than filled with cutting, patterning, fabrication, and sewing and of course, my Barbie! I tailored the 1st and ever evening gown that is ready to wear when i was age 17.

Ming: What sparked your interest in designing gowns?

Nigel: For me, gown is something privilege for girls and ladies. They can make every girl and lady looked very different just

like the fairy god mother transform Cinderella into a fairy princess! That is the satisfaction I gain form designing gowns.

Ming: How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Nigel: I put a lot of effort on the cutting of the dress because that is the basic to design a gorgeous dress. Personally I love mermaid cutting as it can enhance the beauty of curving in ladies’ figure. Detailing is also one of the elements that can’t be missed when I design dress and sometime, I do like dramatic design such as haute couture.

Ming: Who are your favourite designers?

Nigel: In the sense of local designer, I love Eric Choong Bridal design. Internationally, I would say I always blown away by John Galliano Haute Couture for Dior.

Ming: How would you describe your personal style?

Nigel: I believe that glamour, chic, elegance as well as dreamy can be seen in most of my design. Chiffon, satin, silk, lace, and Swarovski crystals are always my favorites!

Ming: This really WOW me!!! I heard that you're actually further up your studies as a vet. I wonder how you manage your time so well.

Nigel: Well, there is a will, there is a way! In university, I will mostly do all the design work in paper when I was free especially in weekend as I am that kind of student that study last minute too! Mostly I will only start sewing work my work during the holiday, scarify the free time for playing and resting, but some how that is the most enjoyable moment for me, rushing in and out until midnight. My mom always asks, how come u r much busier during holiday than in university? I would answer; this

is the consequence of Ur prenatal education!

Ming: do you personal prefer to be a vet or a fashion designer?

Nigel: Definitely I will choose to be a fashion designer! Indeed, I will further my study on fashion design after I graduate in 2012.

Ming: I personally love this few creation of yours, I think it's my kinda style =)

Ming: Well one last question ya...are you willing to design a wedding gown for me on my wedding day...

Nigel: Sure! That will be my pleasure. It is always my dream to make every lady looked gorgeous on their wedding which will blow everyone away especially the groom!

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What's a good valentine's day gift.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner with the spirit of romance in full swing. Guys you better get ready. It's time to think about Valentine's Day gift again. Have you thought about what you're going to buy your significant other for Valentine’s?

Well if any of you guys out there who wants to date me on Valentine's here's a hint. Wah ceh perasan betul LOL!!! So far I still haven't figure out what's my ideal Valentine's gift. Hmm...

Maybe an ultimate romance getaway? Posh jewellery? Or dinner at a fancy restaurant?
or perhaps a basket full of chocolates~ Hmm...maybe not a basket of chocolates that definitely will make me gain a few pounds...Just 1 chocolate bar will make my day...
But WAIT!!! The "chocolate" I'm speaking of is not a normal chocolate bar that you can get in any grocery store...
What I mean is this LG Chocolate BL40 phone. A breath of fresh air from LG and it is now out in stores!!! I immediately fell in love with it when I first laid my eyes on it. LG is a leading electronics company that is famous around the globe and specializes in mobiles, TVs, DVDs and other home electronics. The New LG Chocolate is the fourth handset in LG's Black Label Series and successor to the highly-acclaimed LG Chocolate and is packed with excellent features. It boasts a distinctive 4.0 inches wide screen high definition LCD with an 800 x 345 pixel resolution for an amazing viewing that allows you to view entire web pages. The wide screen breaks away from conventional screen designs with a 2:9 aspect ration for a panoramic, cinema-like quality and optimal mobile computing experience.

Here's the great part that I always waiting for. Well yeap you guessed it right. I'm all for the camera function haha~ surprisingly for a slim handset it boast a 5.0 mega pixel camera with vivid range of natural colors, allowing pictures to really come to life before your very own eyes. It also has auto focus and LED flash.

I personally think this is quite cool. Well as you know LG Chocolate BL40 is touch screen but not just an ordinary touch screen. The tempered glass finish allows you to glide across display surface with ease. Plus there's haptic feedback so there will be a light vibration when you touch it.'s another great stuff for the girls...It's also scratch PROOF!!! I can just dump this phone in my handbag like nobody business and still always look smooth and flawless clean =).

I really love the look of the whole thing. To me it's like a fashion item. It's sleek and slim shape, light weight and glossy black colour with iconic red highlights create a sense of subtle luxury that preserve Chocolate design identity.

Overall, the set is very cool and its user interface is also AWESOME!!!

p/s:Hint* hint* so who's thinking of asking me out on Valentine's still??? LOL~

ATTENTION!!! All Nuffnangers out there…

Wanna own this very “Supermodel” phone? All you need to do is to crack your brain and be a little more creative. Write a blog entry “Why I like it longer” and the top 3 most creative post will win a LG Chocolate phone (BL40) worth RM2199 each. I’m not joking,
its TRUE!!!

Do not believe me? Think again. Simply click here!

Enjoy fellas! Here you go, sleep with it! Cheers!!

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My 2010 Resolution?

Normally I find backstage pictures boring, but these may be even better than the actual runway show. It’s less cheesy and focuses more on the “fashion” models. Their body is sizzling HOT...definitely a body to die for. I got to work my ass off and stay in shape. Oh YEAH!!! My braces is coming off in like 2 to 3 months YAYY~I just can't hardly wait anymore~ hopefully It's real this time... My 2010 resolution is...

1.Stay in shape (agent complaining I've gained weight*)
2.Work my ass off
3.Earn more $$$
4.Travel around the world~


Prepare To Make DELL Studio 15 Your New Year Gadget?

Ever thought of having a new gadget for the New Year? Well...I have a gadget in mind. Since I need to have my laptop everywhere I go, can't live without internet connection and my itchy fingers just can't stay away from the keyboard. I think it’s time for me to get a new laptop. Dell Studio 15 laptop would be my choice. Because It's Hi def, surround sound with subwoofer and built in wireless card. A basic laptop with dedicated graphic and good configuration for the price just great for my everyday use.
Dell Studio 15 is a consumer laptop. It is not as sturdy as business laptops. The laptop feels solid and with a nice touch. I love the 15.6" monitor with LED widescreen design and is multimedia rich. I also think the layout and the sensitivity of the keyboard is good, with all the special keys grouped in the upper right, and It's very easy to get used to it.
Here comes the best part for a cam whore like me...LOL!!! The webcam is 2.0 mega pixels and allows taking pictures of up to 1600 x 1200. The image quality is great. Not just that It also let you record video up to 640 x 480. This allows me to do more video post on my blog. Hmm...Maybe I’ll start doing a singing video haha~ what you guys think about the idea? All in all, considering that the configuration is quite basic I was surprised by the good performance.

OH YEAH! Do you know the Dell Studio 15 laptop comes in a choice of colors and 10+ Artist Design. This is the latest addition to the companys Art House series of laptop. The new Dell Art House Studio 15 laptop and Dell Studio 17 laptop are now available featuring artwork by artist Mike Ming, Derek Welch, Andrea Rosenberger, Bruce Mau, Siobhan Gunning and Joseph Amedokpo. Now your laptop wont look all plain and simple anymore. But if you think the design is too boring OR you think you have what it takes and a talent for design. Well GUESS WHAT Dell is opening doors for you to submit your designs. You can also be a designer to design your very own laptop cause Dell is holding a contest called “ MAKE IT YOURS ". The contest is open to people of all skills levels. This is a great opportunity for design enthusiasts out there to show your creativity, ideas, and skills. So what are you waiting for? Fire up your creative minds, grab your sketch book simply doodle, scan, create a digital collage, vectorize It's all up to you to celebrate your creative self-expression, cause It's all about " YOU ".

To take in this contest is easy as 1, 2, 3. Log on to You just need to sign up and submit your most creative artwork and you could stand a chance to win your very own design on your very own Studio laptop. You think that's just all huh? Nah...Dell is also giving away RM5,000 cash voucher to the winner. How cool is that? These prizes are seriously tempting me.Arhhh...I'll be working on my design right now...

Here's a sneak peek of my work progress
Nah ah ah...NO COPYING. So start expressing yourself and join the contest.

p/s:I'm still working on my design...will be posting up the final work soon~ so VOTE for me!!! =)

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No Mans Day!

~Meet Hui Wen, Jaime, and Christine~

Good morning from bed! just wanted to post a little quickie blog and let you know what i'm up to at the moment. The other day I went out with my high school babes from Malacca...I never do this for such a long time~ It was nice to catch up wit you girls again. We seriously need to do this more often. It was so much FUN!

P/S: I'm so gonna meet my Ciaobellaz this coming Chinese New Year~

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Burberry Spring / Summer Ad Campaign

Emma Watson is Awesome. She was good as a young actress and she seems an ideal model for ad campaign as well. As Emma stars in the Burberry Brand spring campaign shot by
Mario Testino. Emma Watson has a classic, effortless beauty and is incredibly talented which is exactly what the labels wants to see in the adverts. The new Spring / Summer 2010 campaign features the actress together with her sibling Alex Watson and 3 other male models. They look totally chic, very much classy and elegant. I'll go crazy with all the trench coat and the bags



Loving checkered!!!
pendleton x opening ceremony spring / summer 2010

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