My 2010 Resolution?

Normally I find backstage pictures boring, but these may be even better than the actual runway show. It’s less cheesy and focuses more on the “fashion” models. Their body is sizzling HOT...definitely a body to die for. I got to work my ass off and stay in shape. Oh YEAH!!! My braces is coming off in like 2 to 3 months YAYY~I just can't hardly wait anymore~ hopefully It's real this time... My 2010 resolution is...

1.Stay in shape (agent complaining I've gained weight*)
2.Work my ass off
3.Earn more $$$
4.Travel around the world~

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2 Responses to My 2010 Resolution?

Michelle . WeyChin said...

Ur braces are finally coming off!
Happy for you! =D

The Petite Blog said...

Ah, i shud add 'stay in shape' resolution to mine as well!!! :( btw i saw the styling u did for my friend's website! Love it and ure really cute!

xoxo jenna

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