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A Day Off!

Omg I've been so caught up with all my work I didn't even have time to blog. I've been planing this huge project of mine, a lot of brain storming, trip and so on~ Stress makes me eat a lot these days...and I'm getting fat (Well, at least I think I am.) I was looking for a new sport, maybe i should start playing badminton. And I realized, the reason why I never really got into sports was because I was never really fond of having to wear rubber shoes.

Put all the work aside. I seriously need a day off~ since the crazy buddy Leslie was back we decided to hang out at Pavillion.

The traffic jam yesterday was crazy. the road has just become hell. Traffic jam its so time consuming. Its also gives rise to more pollution.

When I reached there I was surprised to see the whole big group of friends was there too~

We definitely had fun catching up =)

Well me and the mister also bought our Valentine's gifts. I know it's way too early but I won't be back to KL till 16 of Feb =). So yeah this is our early Valentine's gift~

It's spring summer time! So this is what i wore yesterday~
Chiffon top, Modestarr - Floral skirt, DKNY - Red pumps, NOSE - Bag, Louis Vuitton.

recently I'm all over chiffon fabric. Its soft, warm and classy in looks and always adds a feminine touch.

I bet you guys done all ya CNY shopping =). Hope all's well and ready for the big CNY celebration! XO

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So sorry for bad blogging recently I've been so caught up with all my work, doesn't come easy ~

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Super Film Party

Last Sunday I was invited to Maybelline Super Film Party @ The Bee. They actually set a superhero theme for it and obviously the dress code is to dress up like one superhero...but I couldn't be bothered =).

I don't know much about you girls...but mascara is definitely my lifesaver. I wish I was born with long perfect lashes, but sadly my lashes are really short. Maybelline’s Magnum Super Film Volume Express is supposed to do just that. This new product contains a breakthrough collagen formula which is supposed to thicken the lashes yet prevent clumping.

There were a few games going on at the event. We are supposed to collect the beads to complete the word Super Film at each booth.

1st - The Laboratory where we test out the Maybelline's Super Film mascara on the fake eye lashes.

The brush is twice as large as a regular mascara brush with a slight curve. I love the brush!

Removal of the Maybelline's Super Film mascara is quite a breeze. Thanks to its new formula, the mascara comes off easily with warm water.

2nd - The Makeover Deck where they apply the mascara on you.

3rd - The Tele-Pod Booth where you have the dress like a superhero and take a picture.

Finally the 4th booth - The Transmission Deck where we play this Maybelline's Super Film Application.


Everybody seems to have fun at the Tele-Pod booth.

The gorgeous Liyana Jasmay and wonder woman emcee

camwhore time! =)

I'm with Dust from X-Men (Rabiatul)

Vivien and Nicholas

Nuffies Michelle and Rachel Darl

I'm liking the Super Film Mascara. I might just get it because I’ve yet to find my holy grail of volume mascaras.

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Clémence Poésy - Poésy in

Actress Clémence Poésy is a new addition to our fabulous and French style crushes. She is the kind of loose breezy beauty that whispers seductively in your ear with her lack of make-up, messy hair, gorgeous eyes, an angular jaw. she is a photographer's dream,as this Marie Claire February 2011 shoot shows. whilst I wasn't a huge fan of Clémence Poésy on gossip girl, but I am absolutely in love with this editorial shoot. A simple, elegant and classis beauty complimented with a little Chanel, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, D&G, Fendi, Marc Jacob and many more pieced together by Isabel Dupre in ‘Poésy in’.

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Chantal le Fevre

I'm loving the gorgeous Chantal le Fevre and all the pretty outfits~

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