I'm Addicted To Fruit Ninja

I'm so addicted to Fruit Ninja! At 1st I thought it was a dumb game but I'm addicted now.Thanks to Sean~ I have to say its one of the best app I've got so far. This game is nothing less than a masterpiece, so simple yet so fun, I wish more apps were this great. This is one of the best game ever. Addicted and a total time killer.

The mister's score:
Classic: 523
Arcade: 428
Zen: 239

So you think you're damn great la huh? Wait till you see mine =D~

Ming's score:
Classic: 776
Arcade: 564
Zen: 248

Wohooo!!! Now I wish I could skip ahead to 300 in Classic... it doesn't start getting challenging until 400. Gosh! I could play this ALL DAY LONG! Fruit Ninja is truly my favorite iphone game =).

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7 Responses to I'm Addicted To Fruit Ninja

Xzingx said...

OMG that's very highscore! try angry bird and doodle jump.

.:Leeming:. said...

i tried but i think i'm only good at kidish game haha~

Sean said...

wah your classic score, crazy! But i still beat you in arcade and zen, lol!

.:Leeming:. said...

=(...I'll catch up on that lol~ but i still cant beat you in doodle jump haha~

Isya said...

that is a seriously high highscore for classic! i think fruit ninja is taking over the world!! anyone with an iphone/ipad can always be seen slicing it lol.

sean said...

83k! lol

.:Leeming:. said...

Isya: Thanks babe!haha you go crazy over fruit ninja too huh =D

Sean: I kalah la~ 83k thats crazy~

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