Super Film Party

Last Sunday I was invited to Maybelline Super Film Party @ The Bee. They actually set a superhero theme for it and obviously the dress code is to dress up like one superhero...but I couldn't be bothered =).

I don't know much about you girls...but mascara is definitely my lifesaver. I wish I was born with long perfect lashes, but sadly my lashes are really short. Maybelline’s Magnum Super Film Volume Express is supposed to do just that. This new product contains a breakthrough collagen formula which is supposed to thicken the lashes yet prevent clumping.

There were a few games going on at the event. We are supposed to collect the beads to complete the word Super Film at each booth.

1st - The Laboratory where we test out the Maybelline's Super Film mascara on the fake eye lashes.

The brush is twice as large as a regular mascara brush with a slight curve. I love the brush!

Removal of the Maybelline's Super Film mascara is quite a breeze. Thanks to its new formula, the mascara comes off easily with warm water.

2nd - The Makeover Deck where they apply the mascara on you.

3rd - The Tele-Pod Booth where you have the dress like a superhero and take a picture.

Finally the 4th booth - The Transmission Deck where we play this Maybelline's Super Film Application.


Everybody seems to have fun at the Tele-Pod booth.

The gorgeous Liyana Jasmay and wonder woman emcee

camwhore time! =)

I'm with Dust from X-Men (Rabiatul)

Vivien and Nicholas

Nuffies Michelle and Rachel Darl

I'm liking the Super Film Mascara. I might just get it because I’ve yet to find my holy grail of volume mascaras.

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5 Responses to Super Film Party

nabila said...

I bought this and i have to agree with you ming. after using it i clean my false eye lashes with warm water without hassle.

Liki said...

Hello nice to meet you at Maybelline party :)

.:Leeming:. said...

nabila: yea im loving this mascara too =)

Liki: Hey babe, nice meeting you too =)

Hayley said...

How I wish there's a party like this at my hometown~

Oh by the way Ming, I received your dreamcatcher! And also blogged about it *wink*
Thanks again! muacks!

.:Leeming:. said...

hehe I hope you love it babe =) hope you have sweet dreams everyday~

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