Next Tatts!

I'm hanging out at my bestie leslie's place right now. He's going to get a new tatts on his leg! Well I'm kinda bored here doing some research for my next tattoo~ and this is what I'm going to do next!

Happy Sunday people! Stay tuned for an interesting post tomorrow =)

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6 Responses to Next Tatts!

cendera jiwa said...

have a nice day..

.:Leeming:. said...

you have a nice day too~ =)

Sholee said...

The tatts are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

i love your blog! keep it up! seems like most of your clothes are from Bangkok. Can u give me some shopping tips? am going Bangkok next month. u know any places where i can get loads of nice clothes like yours?


Hayley said...

You really gonna tattoo Ming? ;)
I always wanted a tattoo, but my hubby wont let me do it... :(

.:Leeming:. said...

sholee: hehe thanks babe =)

Ling: Most of my stuff from Modestarr and Baci =) but some of my stuff from BKK cause my dad use to travel there quite often so he will do some shopping for me over there =)~

Heyley: hehe yeap~ hmm some of the guys might think that tattoos are for wild girls...hmm ur hubby just love the way u r now =)you must feel proud of it =)

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