My Goals For 2011

I decided to post a few of my goals for 2011. I've never been a new year resolution type of girl. They always seem like a reminder of things I didn't get done in any given year. But I am a goal setter and I want 2011 to be different. I feel like 2010 went by way too fast so this year I want to take a moment to really set some goals and do my best to achieve them. These are just a few of my personal goals. I'm hoping that if I share them publicly it might help me stick to them a little more =).

p/s: What are some of your goals? I'd really love to hear what all of you are aiming for 2011. xoxo~

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6 Responses to My Goals For 2011

Michelle . WeyChin said...

my 2011 goal is to meet up with u more often :P

Anonymous said...

nice 2011 goals.

mooiyan said...

good luck in your new adventure,Ming!
I'm not sure if i get it correct but i can't wait for that.hehe :)

.:Leeming:. said...

Mich darl: me too darl~

Anonymous: Thanks!!!

mooiyan: Haha thanks alot babe...I think you guess it right =)

Miss Mae said...

That's a really good list!

.:Leeming:. said...

miss mae: Thanks babe! well I hope everything does smoothly this year =)

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