Just A Short Post

Gosh I almost forgot these pictures! Took this sometime ago while my parents and the lil sis were up in KL for The Star Education Fair. The lil sis wanted to do her Pre-U in Sunway University College, but she is still undecided whether to do it in Taylor or Sunway.

My dad was like darling do you wanna join us for the talk~ I'm like NO I'm so over with school dad! =D

The crowd was crazy!

while waiting for the parents...me and the mister decided to hang around in KLCC~

I got really bored waiting for them so I started playing with the camera.



why so serious?

c'mon you definitely can't beat me in Fruit Ninja so get over it =D.

Finally It's over!!! Let's go get some food I'm starving~

After dinner we head back home and the parents head back to Malacca.

Chiffon Sheer Top, Malacca - Puffy Lace Skirt, Modestarr - Sheer Leggings, Daiso - Black Pumps, NOSE - Bag, Marc Jacob.

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5 Responses to Just A Short Post

Renee said...

i love ya top and skirt ming!do you know were to get tops like this in kl?

Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

Beautiful Ming.. i want starbucks too.. :p

.:Leeming:. said...

Renee: thanks babe but I'm not really sure where to get tops like this in KL...I bought mine long ago =)

Rabiatul: hey beautiful ninja =) come we go get starbucks together gether~ =)

Hayley said...

Love your outfit Ming! You really name your blog right, Vintages Noise.. hehe :P

.:Leeming:. said...

hehe thanks alot hayley darl =)

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