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Urbanscapes 2009

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Last weekend, I had a real fun time hanging out with Charlotte and Peng. We were at the Urbanscapes almost the whole day. It was held in Sentul West, KL Pac. The weather on that day was extremely hot and humid. We were practically sweating our asses off but we ended up being under the hot sun the whole day. There are just too many stalls for us to visit. Most of the stalls caught my eyes with their stuff and there are some small performances as well. I was looking at the stuff cold ice as the are all unique and rare. It is very interesting to see a lot of people that was there and everyone went there with a unique and creative attire. They have great fashion sense and happening.

After visiting all the stalls, then only we are happy and satisfied to take off from there. I managed to get several clothes that I really do adore a lot.

All in all, it is really a great fashionable weekend for me. I will keep you guys updated prior to the event next time so you guys can join me crash the event together. =) hehe...

After that, we actually dropped by Peng's house because it is just around that area. I must say that his place is so cozy and I can sense a strong freshness. I love his house because it seems like those houses at the country side where theres like chicken running around, whole bunch of trees that bare fresh and sweet fruits all year round, bird chirping in the morning and stuff like that. It really does bring reminisce to me as I used to stay in this type of house 10 over years ago with my grandparents. We used to have a whole orchard farm at the back of our house. My god that was my playground. Hmmm.... really miss those days.

So, we ended my weekend with a big smile. Really looking forward to another session with Charlotte and Peng. I really had a wonderful time with you guys.





My hair colour turned lighter!!! I wonder how it looks after those red highlights =D

p/s:Urbanscapes pictures will be up soon!!!



Caption Media called some of the MDGs back to help do an introductory and promotional video. I felt that they did a very good job on putting together the videos as a guide to so called "dress your face up". On top of that, Julie came out with the idea of make up kits that would further help make the process more simple and easy. This would definitely bring "making up" to other level where, regardless of young ones or the older ones, they are able to deal with this in the most simple way. Please do check it out for more further details at


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Recently I've been hanging out alot with my college buddies...I totally missing those school days =).Thanks for everything~you guys really cheered me up alot during this few days...Yeap i totally agreed what you've said Charlotte.I really want to make it a reality after 5 year =).

keep moving on and never give up our dreams.We know our direction,but at times we are is meaningless without any back up and supports.



Crop it!!!

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