Lap Sap junkyard sale!!!

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Jenny Humphrey and Blair Waldorf girly day out haha~LMAOWhat's up on Sunday?
Well it was a random Sunday~me and my darl Charlotte decided to head down to Palate Palette cause we
found out Steve Aoki and The Cobrasnake will be making an appearance in this month's installment of Lap Sap's Junkyard Sale~not just that we also wanted to shop some vintage goodies =).We reached there about 4pm and it was so PACKED!!!Steve Aoki was there but he's about to leave so we didn't take a picture with him...suprisingly i never bought anything there but Charlotte got herself a vintage specs and a floral headband =)We wanted to chill at Palate Palette but sadly takde tempat duduk =(so we chill at a nearby mamak.
hmm~not a bad Sunday afterall.

fashion tips:I’ve never even thought about wearing a corset before because I thought that it was strictly for the bedroom.But I now know that corsets can be worn in so many different ways and that they make you feel unbelievably sexy.A corset is a great addition to your wardrobe and can really add something special to a pair of jeans or a puffy mini skirt =).

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13 Responses to Lap Sap junkyard sale!!!

Domokun said...

Hello Ming!!

I love ur top alot, super nice to see corset still nowadays....:)

My MDG!!!

Hayley said...

u look so fair! like a piece of white paper. :p

Cindy Khor said...

the dress!? looks good on you. like a next door neighbour girl with a hint of sexiness. i don't dare to buy corset to wear as an outfit as i'm not bold enough to wear something too sexy.

AaronWoolala said...

it seems there is always someone following you around with a camera :D

cyc said... money for the aldo shoesss tho they're on
soon la harap harap ade...haha

anyways, reallie nice outfit..:) looks great on u...n eh, how la u edit ur pics to give it the vintage look?? awesome wei...:p

Li fang said...

heart your outfit.

Anonymous said...

lovely!!! =D really like blair n jenny lolss.XD


deJelly said...

unbelievably sexy indeed!

Simon Seow said...

Tongue in Chic invited you?

Anonymous said...

Babe !
you look stunning !

I'm a big fan of your skin and makeup.

mind to share wot skincare you use ?

i hope you don't mind.


Anonymous said...

Hi babe,

May I know where is your skirt from? It gorgeous!


xoxo said...

omg i wore that skirt when i was like, 12. omg.

.:Leeming:. said...

Heyley:haha thx but like paper...?i wish =)

Cindy:try seriously u can matcch wit alot of stuff...the best thhing is it wont go out of season =)

AA braces guy:hahaha yeap yeap =)

cyc:thx babe =) i use photoshop edit just play around~

Li fang:thx alot babe...

chien:haha u'll be the next blair or serena haha~both of us miss ya much mwah~


Simon:nola...anybody pun bole masuk 1

anonymous:Awww thx alot~yeap will def do a skin care post for u k darl =)

anonymous:i dunno where my mom get it from...she said i wear it when i was a lil girl...but it still fits me well =)

XOXO:hahaa yea~

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