My Beauty Routine

Thanks for ya compliments babes!!!I don't really think i have a flawless skin but i'll let you know what i use.
I keep my skincare routine simple so that i don't overload my skin. I rotate the same products,changing them every 6 months,so that my skin doesn't get used to them. Previously i'm using ICS a Korea brand .Right now,i'm using Estee Lauder products i've been using Estee Lauder for a year cause i couldn't finish's the list of the products~
1.perfectly clean light lotion cleanser,Estee Lauder
2.idealist pore minimizing serum,Estee Lauder
3.hydra complete eye gel creme,Estee Lauder
4.oxy mask,Beauty Talk (once a week)
5.Hydro Plus+super hydrating water essence,Cyber Colours
6.Advanced night repair,Estee Lauder
Always have a healthy obsession...i always wash my hand and face all the time.i always take my make-up off and i not sleep with ya make-up on =)

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11 Responses to My Beauty Routine

Michelle . WeyChin said...

Ming...!! I'm back to stalk your blog :)
this week no assignments due so I can relax a tiny weeeny bit. haha

btw, u looked really cute in the photo :)

cyc said...

hey...reallie gud advise there...i reallie nid help with my face...exams around d corner and my breakouts are terrible..

thanks ming! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks fer sharing lovely !

btw what type of skin do you have ?
and where do you get ICS ?
is the pore minimiser serum from estee lauder good ?

and do you prefer estee lauder to the prev brand ?

Anonymous said...

good post.

so kind of you to share.

was wondering.

can you erm by any chance do a review on the products you like ?

haha hope it's not too much of a burden.

oooh i would love to know wot makeup products you use.
your makeup is wow !

AaronWoolala said...

Alriiiiight! I don't wear makeup at all, so no problemo~
But I suppose guys should care about their skin too, maybe not so much but at least for health. Hmm~

Hayley said...

believe it or not, i have just did a similar blog post too! ;)
hmm, are Estee Lauder products good? i think they are quite expensive right?

Nana said...

Hi Ming! First time here! I wanted to drop you a commment cos I think I saw you today at The Curve. you look abso gorg. :) And oh, ya make up tips please! your make up is wowieeeeeeeeee! :)

.:Leeming:. said...

michie darl:thx alot babe~haha ya assignments like tak habis habis 1...cant wait to meet u=)

cyc:ur welcome =)...hmm i hav breakouts also recently just hate it...

Anonymous 1:i have dry skin =)ICS...i have no idea where my mom got it for me will ask her when im back in Malacca =)yeap i love using tht pore minimiser serum...really effective...hmm i think suits my skin =)

Anonymous 2:ahaha nah not a burden at all...will definitely do a review on wht products i make-up products and also a step-by-step on how to do my make up =)

braces guy:hahaha yea...guys just need to tone their body then gals will go crazy hahaha~

Heyley:haha what a coincident!!!Estee Lauder suits my skin alot cause my skin quite sensitive thou =)abit pricey~but worth it...=)

Nana:hi Nana,u saw me?haha yea was there hanging out wit my frens =)thx for ya compliments appreciate much...yeap yeap will def share my make-up tips with you gals =)

Peichen said...

Hey! i have that shirt you are wearing too! That neon colour just caught my eye... Irresistible.

Anonymous said...

hye ming. i really love your clothes and the pictures that you post. may I know what type of photo editing software that you use to get the vintage and polaroid effect. thanks!

Anonymous said...

hello..!! one question: wat do u mean by wen u say u rotate it every 6 months so dat your skin don't get used to it? wat wil happen if dey do? thanx ming...good job in MDG2..i rili love ur style...

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