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Last weekend,I had a wondeful and a splendid day shopping and hangging out at the mall.The only thing that i have difficulty in,is picking up my attire in my wardrobe.As I was going through my wardrobe I found a tight jeans skirt that was abandoned for a long time...hehe~It is actually a very nice skirt but i'm still wondering why in the 1st place I've abandoned it.After putting a thought to it,I then realise that it is because the skirt is too long.Without wasting a single minute and i was rushing on top of that,I came out with an idea improvising it by folding the skirt up to make it more shorter and funky.I was just thinking out loud but it turn out to be nice.Paired up with my favourite floral jeans blazer,a white button-up shirt and a pair of black pumps Wallaaaa~Some of you might think it's weird but is just something I would like to share to those who interested.You be the judge =).So long~will post more ideas and thoughts soon.

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12 Responses to Jeans Maniac

AaronWoolala said...

ooooo~ this is a fashion tip I cannot use. Hahahahaha~

Anonymous said...

looks weird la.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Ming!!! You look quite edgy here.

cyc said...

hey's things? sori din manage 2 leave a reply for the past 2 entries of urs...having a tough time w stuf n exams n al.well, lurve tht top/dress of urs during tht chic party...and congrats on ur blog anniversary..:) realie looking forward to reading more tips and unique pretty outfits.:)

Wei Wei said...

The floral blazer! To die for! (:

lisa said...

i came across ur blog thru a fren's blog...nway, i think the floral blazer is just so gorgeous, can i know from where did u get it?? thanx

Caelynne said...

DId u went KIstchen in mp?(forgte spelling)it replaced Baleno..the clothes dere are nice tho ^^

Vivien said...

not everybody can pull these off, but you are slim enough to pull this off. :)

Anonymous said...

babe!! tell me where can i get blazers!! good fitting ones!! and pretty ones too!!! thanks!! :D

cg said...

it looks great but i think you folded the skirt a little to high that the white pocket underneath can be seen in the first picture and as well as the...ermm...moving or flash image or whatever you call it. but still a great look if that flaw wasnt there

.:Leeming:. said...

Aaron braces guy:hahaha eh can use la for ya gay photoshoot remember? =)

anonymous:yea some ppl think its wierd but i love it =)

anonymous:thx =)

cyc:is ok no worries don stress out ~everything's fine here =)and thx for ya comments babe...there will b more updates c'ming soon~

wei wei:hehe thx babe~nice meeting u the other day =)

lisa:thx =) i bought it from bombshell

caelynne:yeap!!!i did =) very street style hehe KL got more variety darl you should come up here and check it out =)

viv:haha thx but seriously im no SLIM =D

anonymous:i saw 1 in sevendays,bangsar very nice...check out forever 21 or topshop i think they hav nice blazers...abit pricey but its worth it...blazer will nvr go out of fashion =)

cg:thx for ya comment =)haha i purposely wore it this way is in fashion ryd now babe...take a look at this,+denim+shorts,+tights.jpg

Anonymous said...

wow u look damn good here

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