wish you were young?

top,Tea & Sympathy - skirt,DKNY brands outlet - cardigan,Charlotte's junkyard - handbag,Carlo Rino vintage - heels,Vincci.

I wish i'm still a lil girl~i miss the freedom, not having to take responsibility for my own decisions-indeed,not even having to MAKE important decisions.I miss the innocence and being able to do things that ironically,now I'm older and have more 'freedom', I would not be able to do.But what I like about adulthood is being able to be up and about as I like, and I enjoy seeing the world through eyes that have more experience.

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11 Responses to wish you were young?

Hayley said...

being a little girl was so much fun. we need not worry so much, as our parents will arrange everything for us.. all we did was play, eat and sleep. lol.
but time waits for no one.. here we are, a grown up. but at least, we had all that memories with us, right?

Michelle . WeyChin said...

being little is awesome. :)
but at the same time, i wish i could grow up faster. weirdo-me :P

cyc said...

i miss those childhood days too!! all those times when everything doesn't matter...wrongs can be fixed so easily...all we had was just plain ol' fun..haha driving our parents up the wall...lol...now to even think of driving em' up the wall gotta think twice...haha...but oh well...gud times..gud times...:)

AaronWoolala said...

Decisions decisions decisions~

Anonymous said...

hey..how much did u buy tht Carlorino bag for? I saw one at a blogshop tht costs abt Singapore dollars 27 = rm 80+... is yours cheaper?thanks! :)

rYnz's Closet said...

awww.. ming ming darl. we have to grow up tho. We can't even wish for it =( However, we can be our loves one's princess xD being pampered :p

miss ya ming ming. hope to see you when i got back!


Anonymous said...

damn...why all ur photos looks like it come out of a magazine? do u have like a photographer with u all the time?? *jealousnye*

Chopstick said...

Ming, i must confess that i'd never watched an episode of either season of malaysian dreamgirl. i had no idea you were on the show, and only chanced upon your blog through Kenny Sia. But i was immediately hooked on your amazing style. i love all your outfits; they're fantastic, they speak for themselves, and you are a gem. :)

wy said...

hey...nice photoz and songs posted on this weblog. came across your site from kennysia's page. lol.
thumbs up! :)

.:Leeming:. said...

heyley:yeap memories always stays =)

Mich darl:grow up faster?i wanna be young forever...

cyc:haha yea

Aaron braces guy:yea decisions~

anonymous:I bought it for like RM40-RM50 if im not mistaken =)

ryn darl im not being pampered also hehehe miss u much hope to c you SOON MWAH~

anonymous:thx for the comments my bf is the photographer =)

wy:hehe thx for the comments and thx to kennysia =)

Anonymous said...

hey there, awesome blog you have here, love the pictures. Do you use photoscape to edit the pictures? there is a very nice feel to it.

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