Cupcakes are WONDERS!

Early birthday cake for me?Awww~THANKS alot ZV =)I was so surprised what you've done for me totally appreciate much.Loving those cupcakes.Lil frosted wonders.I seriously tak sampai hati wanna makan LOL~HUGS~

ZV:I really hope you like it =)
Ming:*over excited* YooOOo~OMG so CUTE X6 !!!Thanks alot wei...
ZV:glad u love it but I dunno whether it looks vintage anot?
Ming:Vintage cupcakes huh?Err~got la quite vintage thou...vintage,tak vintage aku tak kisah janji cantik dah haha kau ni memang ada hati =).Eh i realized u love the color red alot huh...
Ming:gee,thanks alot~wah i'm gonna put on a few KG
ZV: -_-||| pls la...It's not really sweet.This girl arr asyik call herself FAT
Ming:memang FAT =D ~

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5 Responses to Cupcakes are WONDERS!

Nana said...

Eh, I didn't know you wore braces! :) And yeah, are you running a new blogshop? Do tell! Am very interested! :)

Michelle . WeyChin said...

Really preeeetieeee cupcakes!


Roger said...

So sweet! Can I lick you? Ahem,I mean...can I lick your cupcakes please? Hehe

.:Leeming:. said...

Nana:haha yeap i had braces on =)my fren is running a new blogshop...i'm still thinking whether to open a new blogshop =)

mich darl:hehe yea girl when ur free =)

Roger:lick me?err that sounds so wrong k -_-|||

Caelynne said...

when's ur bday ?? =)

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