My hair colour turned lighter!!! I wonder how it looks after those red highlights =D

p/s:Urbanscapes pictures will be up soon!!!

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6 Responses to Tadaaa!!!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever told you that you look like Marion Counter sometimes?

Michelle . WeyChin said...

u went to Urbanscapes??

I ALMOST went there too..haha

Caelynne said...

so pretty as always, Lee ming =)

S.ting said...

can't wait for the urbanscapes pics!

mandy said...

Hi!~ was wondering what kind of false eye lashes do you use and the brand and colour of your colour contacts? they look awesome!

.:Leeming:. said...

anonymous:haha yea i get tht alot...but i didnt see the similarity...she's way more gawjuz than me =)

mich darl:really...aik hehe~

caelynne:thx darl...ur pretty too =)

s.ting:hehe its all up =)

mandy:err i bought it from pinky...dunno wht brand...but u can try using faceshop =)hmm fresh kon cool green if im not mistaken...

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