Man's Best Friend

Something outrages happened to me last weekend, back into my hometown Melaka.I was so overwhelmed and excited when a cute lil shih tzu greed me when I arrived in Melaka,cool right.Im not sure about you guys but to have a cute lil dog that gave you the warmest welcome,is the utmost feeling ever.

Ok here is the story,when I was driving into my taman,out of the blue a cute lil shih tzu came out from no where.She looks so adorable and puffy,Im not sure if you are aware of this but some dogs are nasty even though they are Shih Tzu,cause we are strangers after all and they would not know if we will bring them harm or not.

But guess what, as for this cute lil Shih Tzu,she actually followed my car and jump right into my arms without showing any sense of fear at all.I was so amazed by that and without having a second thought,I took her home right away.

She was so obedient and not crazy at all like my the other dog Ozy.=) trust me..he is like a walking chocolate bar (super hyper). So,by the way,I brought her home and showered her all nice and clean.

BUT BEFORE THAT,GUESS WHAT!!!! There were whole lots of ticks on her body that I have to take it out one by one. ....YEWWW....
Some of them are fat and bloody.

After a long hour of showering action going on,my sister and I finally managed to get her all clean up.My sister was so in love with her that she wants to keep her.But, too bad,Uncle Jason (daddy) said "NO"...a big NO NO... heee heee... =( awwww...

So,in the end,we went back to the place where we found her and search for its rightful owner.And that's the whole story of dogs in heaven,due to the fact that this lil Shih Tzu here has a heart of an angel.Take care doggy..hehe dont really know her name.Tried calling her some awful name which did seem like it.=) haha. So, yeah, bye bye doggy,don't go out wonder and ponder by yourself again...


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15 Responses to Man's Best Friend

AaronWoolala said...

Probably the same thing will happen to me. My mom hate dogs, so I can't keep any at home, even though my parents only come home like once every 6 months :/

Roger said...

Wah! So pretty. Great hair n posture. The gal in picture also not bad. Cabutz! Hehe

Anonymous said...

I thought you have one Shih Tzu? What happened?

Kenji™ said...

i miss my gf's dog 'happy':(

Anonymous said...

aww i know how you feel babe.

i have a soft spot for dogs too.

you wear glases babe ?
but i thought you wear contacts ?

wot brand do you wear btw ?

love !

cyc said...

awww u jst made me miss my dawgies bck home...yea its a special feeling when ur dogs do run to u greeting u when u come back..haha..i'm glad my dogs rem me evn tho i've nt seen em for every 9 months.haha...
btw..nice glasses..:)

missroum87 said...

Awww so nice of you bathe the dog. Somemore take out the ticks. If me i dont dare at all!!!

Cindy Khor said...

that dog is super cute, so in the end what happen to that dog?? did you found its owner?? your outfit's totally cool, love the boyfriend shirt.

Anonymous said...

hey gurl! do u know anywhere tht i can get affordable(abt rm 30 or lesser) skirts like yours? i love those skirts too but the shops tht sell them are too expensive fr quality like tht.. about rm 100+. plze help. thanks! :)

Hayley said...

should take more up close photos with it. its really adorable!!
hopefully the dog manage to find its own owner.

grace said...

your domokun clock is very cute!

jadezheng said...

the shirt looks like the one Alexa Chung wears! izzit? :D

.:Leeming:. said...

aaron braces guy:hahaha is a big responsible thou =)

roger:haha thx for ya compliments roger =)

anonymous:yeap i hav 1 last time...but i kinda bz with work last year and i didnt hav time for her so i gave it away to a great owner that really really love her...=)

Kenji:i miss mine too T-T

Anonymous:=)~haha i don wear glasses...wear for fun =)

cyc:yea =) dogs r really smart they definitely remember you~

missroum:haha the ticks damn freakin huge...ewww~

cindyk:thx babe!!!in the end i put left her where i found her...i guess it belongs to somebody near
the taman =)

Anonymous:lesser than 30?clothes that i bought lesser than 30 its from junkyard =)hmm and most of the skirts its mine when i was a lil still fits me well thou =)you can check out brands outlet children department if ur lucky enough u'll find some pretty puffy/tutu skirt =)

Heyley:hope so~yea haha regret wei~

grace:thx babe !!!

cindy:a lil similar alexa chung 1 nicer =) nice meeting you the other day babe =)

Mirthe said...

love this outfit!

Arvin said...

The 1st few picts were without the dog......i tot u were calling yourselve a

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