Chic POP @ The Apartment KLCC

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Charlotte & I had a BLAST on Thursday in "The Apartment" at KLCC.Tongue in Chic actually assisted Samsung to organized a launching of their new red hot chilli mobile set Samsung Ultra Touch.From the description of the cell phone you can definitely tell what's the theme of the event,right?

YES!!!The theme is black with a dash of red.I have to say that this phone is worth promoting with it's multi function like video editing,photo blogging ,GPS and it's unbelievable 8-megapixel camera resolution with dual power LED flash.Not to mention it's revolutionary Anti-Scratch Touch Screen.

Let's leave the mobile phone aside,and let me continue on with the whole event itself.The setting of the event is marvelous and neat.I love the whole concept where they had us all up and running at the event.All the attendees are involve with the activities that they put together.There are several booth that you can actually go to and have a ball there.

Trust me,you girls would love this.There are booths that will transform you into a swan which known as the "make up corner" by Make Up Store.Besides that,there is a booth called the "DIY corner" where you can make your own hair accessories and cell phone pouch,pretty amazing huh!!!The crowd theme is just fun,crazy and out going.I met up with a few of my new friends over there that have been following my blog and Malaysian Dreamgirl 2.I also managed to meet up with Joyce Wong,Cindy from MDG 1and Simon Seow.

All in all,I really had a great time with Charlotte,chit-chatting,being a lil devil gossiping,recapping old times that bring back reminisce,and as well as sipping cocktails that we are craving for.Really wish that the night did not end so early but we have to wrap it up due to the fact that Charlotte darl needs to work the next day.If not we would have the whole night to ourselves,hahaha~

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14 Responses to Chic POP @ The Apartment KLCC

Anonymous said...

how fun !

wish i was there.

i know i might be outdated.
i have been spotting yourLV bag.
you are always with it.

how much is it love ?

Anonymous said...

i really love your dress.

Anonymous said...

cindy wanna be?

Anonymous said...

My oh my!!!you're gorgeous and I effin love ya dress.

Roger said...

You should have let me know next time. Then I party with you till late. Hehe Take care babe!

jadezheng said...

eh i forgot to ask u where u got your top. hahaha! ;p

Anonymous said...

heybabe...whats brand outlet? is it FOS? thanks! :)

Domokun said...

I love both ur dress and u!

Simon Seow said...

Ah, I have such a big lips.

Cindy Khor said...

i do think your sheer top is gorgeous. love the hint of redness in your shoe.

i do think TIC does a good job in everything, their promotional events, their blog are a must read, love the writer too (kinkybluefairy)

Michelle . WeyChin said...

pretty... :)
I was at OneU yesterday but I thought you were still at Malacca so I didnt call you..

chelle:) said...

hey ming, i really love your style! so much that i looked through some of your older posts to check out your clothing.. anyway, i noticed that you wear some pretty skirts like a leopard print one and a very bright reddish orange one with plain tops, and u tuck the tops in.. where do you buy those skirts? tried looking around but its quite difficult to find nice ones :(

.:Leeming:. said...

anonymous:thx its not exactly a 1 piece dress =)

anonymous:cindy wanna be huh?hahaha nah i guess i just being ming myself =)

anonymous:hehe awww thx =)

Roger:ahaha sure sure i'll let u knoe next time =)

cindy:my mom got it for me from malacca darl =)

anonymous:hmmm smtg like FOS

Domokun:haha thx domokun...domokun i really dunno who r u but i sure love to meet up wit the real cute lil Domokun LOL =)

SimonS:hahaha yea i'm loving charlotte's purse =)

CindyK:Thx babe~yeap totally agreed with you about TIC =)TIC ROCKS!!!

Michelledarl:babe finally u've done all ya assignments hehe~i will be goin back this comin weekends also hehe celebrate father's day...will beep u when i'm back darl =)take care ya huggies~

chelle:thx for ya comments babe appreciate much =)hmm most of my skirts r my childhood skirts =)but some of it i bought it from FOS and brands outlet....u can check out topshop babe...there's lotsa pretty skirts too and all skirts having like 20%discount right now hehe~

s t a r m | s t said...

first time commenting there.. love ur sheer top!! :)

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