The Childlike Empress is officially 1 year old!!!

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10 Responses to Happy BIRTHDAY!!!

AaronWoolala said...

Happy birthday Childlike Empress! Man sui man sui man man sui~

reader joyce said...

happy birthday. childlike empress rocks! update more often! :D

Cindy Khor said...

happy birthday to your blog. and may your readership grows every day, every month, every year

Slurphs Milo said...

yoohoo! write moreee and more and mawwrrr :P keep on bloggin :P hugs

yeowhq said...

looking forward to your updates!Happy Birthday Childlike Empress! -xoxo-

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Love your style
Very pretty :)

BMWerke said...

Happy birthday! Now wheres the cake? Any celebrations or party? Count me in!

vvens said...

happy birthday! i love your blog :D

.:Leeming:. said...

Aaron braces guy:hehe thx thx~

joyce:hehe thx babe!!!yeap wil definitely update more often =)

CindyK:thx alot darl cindy =)

chelledarl:haha yeap more updates soon =)

yeowhq:hehe thx for followin my blog
ya there will be more fashion updates and make up tips =)

anonymous:thx for ya compliments *blush*appreciate much!!!

BMwerke:hahaa sadly there's no cake~

vvens:hehe thx alot more updates will be up soon =)

BMWerke said...

No worries babe. I will get you one on your 2nd birthday. I didnt know you were so young.

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