Caption Media called some of the MDGs back to help do an introductory and promotional video. I felt that they did a very good job on putting together the videos as a guide to so called "dress your face up". On top of that, Julie came out with the idea of make up kits that would further help make the process more simple and easy. This would definitely bring "making up" to other level where, regardless of young ones or the older ones, they are able to deal with this in the most simple way. Please do check it out for more further details at

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4 Responses to Beautilicious

starmist said...

u are so pretty, ming! :D

Michelle . WeyChin said...

watched all the webisodes already. =)
i'm getting my voucher for the blogbuzz contest. cant wait to fix my hair..hehe..any suggestions?

.:Leeming:. said...

starmist:thx alot babe =)

mich darl:hmmm curl it darl heehe~

Simon Seow said...

Long time didn't see Pinky and Dawn adi.

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