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I'll be leaving today.Thanks for the info Ping darl~will definitely visit those places =)

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Tuesday Morning

create animated gifWearing my favourite checked top!!!
Every girl needs at least one checked shirt in her wardrobe.A decent check looks great when layered with a t-shirt or two and automatically brightens up a dull outfit.

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The New GREASE!!!

I totally felt in love with this shoots...So old school it reminds me of GREASE!!!
p/s:Go wild mix!!!and match with the leather & studs of punk.

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Craving For Delicious Pesto
One of my favourite place to dine in ~DELICIOUS~Arrhhh i'm craving for the Chocolicious Sundae,Classic Chocolate Cake,Homemade Pesto Spaghetti and the Salmon Ceaser Salad~YUM...YUM~

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It's Been Awhile...

It's been awhile i didn't post about fashion...and here's another floral vintage dress i just bought from a Junkyard Sale.I totally felt in LOVE with it.Loving the unique sleeve,the colour and the button up back part of the dress =)


Jingle All The Way

I'm home for CHRISTMAS!!!Every Christmas I think about the open houses and have such fond memories of those special Christmas Eve’s.We usually spend our Christmas Eve's at aunt Cindy's place.Anyway this year Aunt Cindy and Aunt Susie had a Christmas open house this past Friday and Saturday.It was so nice and festive.Everyone is in such happy spirit.But I wasn’t feeling in the best of Christmas spirits this year.Maybe because some of my cousins can't managed to be back for Christmas hmm...
p/s:JiaLing sweetie this post is for you hehe~ that's how we celebrated our Christmas this year~next year you better be BACK for Christmas!!!




I'm back from Malacca =)what's next hmmm~BANGKOK
Bangkok here i come!!!

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No Black Tie

No Black Tie is a popular jazz and other live music club in KL.It was a BLAST.I really enjoyed the songs and the amazing acoustics quality in the music room.It just jazz up the whole place.The live music with jazz singer has made our night the most pleasurable.I rather spend my money here than going to clubs.According to my friends there will be diffrent programmes and singers everynight.It's usually packed during the weekends.So don't be late if you wanna have a great night out with your friends and a great live music.



i just came back from the movie "YES MAN".It's one hilarious movie.This comedy is about ‘behaviour modification’.Everyone in the cinema laughed their heart out haha~we really enjoyed the film.The best part of the movie is Zooey Deschanel,the main actress for it.She's one of my favourite actress and my style icon.Her looks is always unique and cool.channeling past style icons such as Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn,as well as putting her own unique twist into all of her looks.I seriously can't get enough of her!You girls out there who love vintage stuff shouldn't miss out this movie.Lucky Zooey she always gets to wear her own style on the set =).

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Obsessed With Floral Prints

This is one gorgeous floral dress~ARHHH!!!Too bad i am not the owner of this dress =(
Wonder who's the lucky girl =)



SHOP till we drop haha...ok~ok thats abit exaggerating =)tuesday we went BANGSAR!!!our favourite place to shop cause you'll be able to find lotsa pretty stuff there and it's really REALLY cheap =D alot of people been asking me where i bought my clothes and where i usually shop.I bought most of my clothes from Bangsar boutiques and JUNKYARD SALE!!!That's where i got all my vintage stuff ~Recently my lil sis is into vintage as well and we are CRAZY over vintage.Anyhoos,She managed to get a top from sevendays and a shorts from Blueberry.Well as for me i bought a floral top from Tea & Sympathy.I'm loving my top =)
these are the pictures so feast your eyes!



animal instinctsI'm loving animal print,i really do.1 of my all time favourite animal print is leopard.Leopard print is a classic.Animal prints are making a huge comeback with patterns being seen on everything from dresses to bathing suits, handbags to stilettos.
leopard top:topshop
white top:FOS
denim shorts:radioactive
snake skin heels:asia avenue


~Siste Act~
Yayy~my lil sis is up in KL so this week it's gonna be a shopping week for us =)yesterday we head down to 1U just to get my topshop fashion forward card =)FINALLY.The next place is THE CURVE!!!Guess what the moment we step in to the mall we were amazed by the fairytale X'mas decoration.A serene fantasy garden which also features sculpted animal shapes like elephant,rabbit,bear,squirrel,giraffe and reindeer.There's also a few cute lil hard working elfs decorating the beautiful garden.Hmmm so far i think The Curve has the best decoration among all the shopping malls =)

~1 great shopping day out~

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