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Ming's Closet

Ming's Closet is launching TOMORROW! Lots of vintage & pre-love goodies & surprises!


I need a space...

Good Afternoon lovelies!
Recently I have this crazy 'i want to move' feeling. I wanna have my own space...I really do...while I'm doing some interior research and I stumble into this. Cheri Messerli and David Rager are the creative minds behind this amazing space. I absolutely love the beautiful origami crane mobile and the cluster of paper lanterns over the bed. The wooden bookshelf provides extra storage and it is a smart way to divide the loft and create the bedroom without breaking up the flow of the open space. Just loving it all...
but seriously look at this...
Arhhh...i so need my own space...a small cozy place will do =) for me to deco~

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smitten with nude

Chiffon nude top, Sevendays - Tutu nude skirt, ThePopLook - Red pumps, Nose - Headband, pressie from daddy.
Totally smitten with nude hues. Yet anyone who loves these sexy pale tones can tell you, it's not always easy getting it right. Depending on your hair, eye and skin color certain pales will flatter It’s always essential to find the right hue for your skin tone to avoid the “washed out” look. Keep in mind that the layering and the varying of textures can make these colors their most exciting.

before i go...
~I Want To Ask You A Small Favor ~
i want to know what you enjoy seeing most here on my blog and what you'd like to see more of, or if there is something lacking what it is? do you have any fun idea's for future posts? if you have questions for me, I'd love to put a list together for an about me post. any help you can leave me in the comments section would be greatly appreciated! thank you! :)


Shopbop Lookbook Spring 2010

Continues to mesmerize with antique laces and sheers. Loving the pastel colors of the fabrics. Just stunning~


GUESS what?

Guess has brought out some fabulously wonderful options for their Spring/Summer 2010 collection. While once again proving a sexy pair of jeans is always in style, GUESS? Has made some definite enhancement to its denim. I'm a huge fan of GUESS jeans~ I personally think it's very comfortable and trendy. Especially their skinny jeans are to die for
Well...for buying a good jeans the most important factor which you should concentrate on fitting! Brand does matter but it may be that particular brand doesn't suit go to the showroom and give it a try...if it fits you well and you're comfortable with it...GO FOR IT!!!
I wonder you guys out there have any plans this coming Sunday? Well if you do i suggest that you should cancel all your plans. Cause I have a great plan for you...GUESS what~ there will be a mini event going on at Pavillion GUESS Store this Sunday at 3pm. And that 25 first Churpers who go to the store at 3pm that day will get RM200 cash voucher for Guess! Now that's a good cause for you to walk in to a guess outlet huh...=) so head on down to GUESS Store at Pavillion this Sunday.
See you there!

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Rynzy Is Leaving On A Jet Plane....

hello and good afternoon!
i've had only 4 hours of sleep & here i am up blogging and preparing for a long work filled day. it's a good thing even though i am currently miserable, dying for coffee and nodding off as i type. I woke up this morning in a semi-panic. Do you ever do that? wake up to very little sleep because you have something or things on your mind and then force you're self to stay awake because you got to rush to work? I did that like every morning. I really miss my bed and Moldy(that's what i named my blanky).'s a few pics from last weekends plan with the lovely Caryn, Christine and Fannie.
Great food at Fullhouse, good friends...overall it's 1 great girly day out!

Loving the cute menuI forgot what we ordered...totally forgot bout the names...all i can tell you that i ordered fish, Christine ordered sandwich, Fannie ordered spaghetti and Caryn ordered chicken chop(that's a bad view of chicken chop LOL) Not a perfect pic la Christine fail~fail~hahaChristine you really need a photography lesson...haha~Totally in love with the set upI'm gonna MISS YA Caryn~

gotta get to work!

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All You Need Is Love?

LOVE LOVE LOVE HER LOOK...i love how versatile she is...going from cutesy to sexy to kind of eccentric out there~ I felt she have this very seductive look that will makes you go crazy over her...ok tht sounds abit wrong LOL~
Charlotte Kemp Muhl has been featured in campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Sisley, D&G, Donna Karan, Maybelline, Swarovski, and J.LO. A favorite of Terry Richardson, Muhl also starred as Lola in Elefant’s music video “Lolita”, Tiziano Ferro’s music video for “Imbranato” and as Steven Tyler’s love interest in Carlos Santana’s video for “Just Feel Better.” Go check it out!

p/s: Well i totally appreciate for all ya comments...I've decided to chop off my hair next month...not Hwang Mi Young's style but Charlotte Kemp style =)

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