Rynzy Is Leaving On A Jet Plane....

hello and good afternoon!
i've had only 4 hours of sleep & here i am up blogging and preparing for a long work filled day. it's a good thing even though i am currently miserable, dying for coffee and nodding off as i type. I woke up this morning in a semi-panic. Do you ever do that? wake up to very little sleep because you have something or things on your mind and then force you're self to stay awake because you got to rush to work? I did that like every morning. I really miss my bed and Moldy(that's what i named my blanky).

Lastly...here's a few pics from last weekends plan with the lovely Caryn, Christine and Fannie.
Great food at Fullhouse, good friends...overall it's 1 great girly day out!

Loving the cute menuI forgot what we ordered...totally forgot bout the names...all i can tell you that i ordered fish, Christine ordered sandwich, Fannie ordered spaghetti and Caryn ordered chicken chop(that's a bad view of chicken chop LOL) Not a perfect pic la Christine fail~fail~hahaChristine you really need a photography lesson...haha~Totally in love with the set upI'm gonna MISS YA Caryn~

gotta get to work!

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3 Responses to Rynzy Is Leaving On A Jet Plane....

Janeesp said...

i like the color of ur blogging photos. what camera do u use? a SLR or some LOMO cam? or u edit the lomo color by using photoshop? they're all so lovely!

AaronWoolala said...

Fullhouse! Only been there once when it was still in NZX. Nice ;)

christine said...

hahahhaa!!! yaya i really do need a photography lesson !! Even camwhoring i suck at it already T___T no practice..tsk tsk...ok ok i`ll improve once i`m free ! haha!

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